Valiente, Doreen. The Rebirth of Witchcraft. London: Robert

Hale, 1989.

cocks Symbols of light and goodness, cocks have been favored birds of SACRIFICE to the gods. The cock is sacred and is associated with sun deities; it has the power to banish evil. The cock is a bird of omen, both of luck (in Wales) and death and evil (in Hungary). It is also a symbol of fertility and has been used in DIVINATION for centuries around the world.

The cock is an embodiment of the corn-spirit, who guards the corn crop until it can be harvested. The last sheaf of corn is variously called the cock-sheaf, cock, harvest-cock, autumn-hen and harvest-hen. Traditionally, a cock is sacrificially killed at the end of harvest, in order to ensure a bountiful crop the following season. According to some customs, the cock is bound up in the cock-sheaf

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