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Carpenter, Dennis (1954- ) Prominent American Pagan scholar and, with his wife, sELENA Fox, codirector of Circle Sanctuary in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Since the mid-1990s, Dennis Carpenter has served as a leading academic Pagan spokesperson, participating in interdisciplinary and interfaith networking and dialogue around the world.

Carpenter was born on January 16, 1954, in Hillsboro, Wisconsin, a farming community in southwestern Wisconsin, not far from his present home at Circle. He was raised on a dairy farm in a Protestant family and spent a great deal of time in childhood outdoors, learning to appreciate nature. A pivotal experience of finding the spiritual dimensions of nature came in high school, when he participated in the "Endu Club" (Endu was short for "Endurance"), a church-sponsored activity for boys featuring outdoors adventures.

Mary Butters The Witch

Dennis Carpenter and Selena Fox on their wedding day in June 1986 at Circle Sanctuary (COURTESY CIRCLE SANCTUARY)

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