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Bradley, Marion Zimmer (1930-1999) Best-selling science fiction and fantasy author and mentor of women in WICCA. Marion Zimmer Bradley's novels carry such Wiccan themes as the power of women and worship of the Earth GoDDEss.

Bradley was sometimes called a witch or Wiccan priestess, which she publicly disavowed. She described herself as an occultist and student of ceremonial MAGIC, but not a witch. "That is not my path in this life," stated Bradley, who was an ordained priest in the New Catholic Church. "I myself am unalterably Christian."

Bradley was interested and involved with the occult most of her life. She was born on June 3, 1930, in Albany, New York, to a Lutheran family. She had an early interest in poetry and writing and dictated poetry to her mother before she could write. At age 11, she started an alternative school newspaper, The Columbia Journal, because she did not like the official school paper. She also had an early and intense interest in classical history, classical ceremonial magic, the mystery religions and the Arthurian legends.

Bradley spent three years at New York State Teachers College in Albany (now part of the State University of New York) but did not graduate. In October 1949, she married Robert A. Bradley, a railroad man, and had a son. The Bradleys moved to Texas, living in what Bradley termed "a succession of small towns and smaller towns," including Levelland and Rochester. For a period in the early 1950s, Bradley joined the Rosicrucians, which put structure into her interest in the occult.

Bradley started her writing career in the 1950s by writing short stories for the pulp and confession maga

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