Scorpio is the sign of regeneration and propagation. Even though Scorpios are guided by their genitals, they are actually directed toward business goals. It is true that the Scorpio has a criminal mind, but these individuals can turn it to their advantage and do well in business. You will find that some of the world's greatest leaders have been of this sign.

Scorpios are very vital to all forms of business, and they're quite goal oriented. Like Virgos, they will sublimate their energy into their goals. For example, you will never see a Scorpio become a real estate agent and stay an

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Scorpios do not like being in a subsidiary position, and they always have goals, goals, goals. They will have goals for the year, and say to others, "Out of my way!" However, they will not step on people to achieve their goal. They simply don't want you standing in the middle of their road when they are on a full roll.

Scorpios tend to be very secretive, more so than the Pisces. They're even secretive within themselves. They are the kind to whom you will say, "What is the big secret?!" And they have no clue what you're talking about. Whereas the Pisces will try to verbalize their thoughts, Scorpios don't even bother—they can't. And I think it has to do with their unbridled sexual energy. They really don't know why they are that way. (Unfortunately, a lot of winos and derelicts are Scorpios.)

Scorpios really want to change things— they want to change the world. Now, they don't want to change their homes; they won't bother with that. They want to change the PTA, their community, and God. I think God is a Scorpio.

You can suffer around Scorpios, and they won't have much empathy for you. Paradoxically, they may express sympathy if you have a hangnail, but they show no concern if you're cut from ear to ear. The Scorpio will ignore it and not even tell you that it will be all right. Now, if Libras are approached by someone with a hangnail, they say, "You don't know what suffering is! I'll tell you what suffering is!"

If you want to go to somebody that will really make you crazy, it's a Scorpio doctor, because if you walk in with a headache, the Scorpio doctor will say, "Gee, it might be a brain tumor!" They give you the worst shot first—always. And you say, "Why did you tell me that?!" They reply, "I want you to be prepared so you won't get upset." Too late, Doc, I'm already upset! Scorpios don't even think that their actions are malicious; they're simply preparing you.

Very rarely will you see Scorpio doctors in malpractice suits, because they've covered all their tracks. They do this in love affairs, too.

They check you out carefully to make certain that you have stamina. (They might even check your teeth to be certain you have overall good health.)

If there is any phobia a Scorpio carries, it is a natural fear of death or annihilation. Also, since Scorpios rarely get depressed, when you do see one who is, this person must be in a very, very bad state. Nothing is halfway with the Scorpio.

Scorpios really take charge of things. I have found, as with most signs, that the male is harder to handle than the female, unless he is rounded out by other traits. But the male Scorpio is harder for others to take, as he often comes across as arrogant and pompous. Also, he feels as pompous as he looks, unlike the Leo male. If you think the Leo has a regal bearing about him, the Scorpio comes in like, "Here I am!" and expects to be greeted with shouts of "Hurrah! Hurrah!"

Scorpios are very big on red, maroon, and magenta, even more so than Leos. They have rich, inflated tastes. The disconcerting thing about Scorpios is that it will take them forever scorpio to get up enough ardor to go into battle about anything. You say to them, "Are you going to get up and fight for this?" And they reply, "No, not right now ..."

Scorpios are very, very cheap—not with themselves, though. If they want to go to a movie, and there's no one to go with, they'll treat you—but only because they want to see it.

They also naturally horde things. Scorpios save springs, tin foil, spools, and all that kind of junk—because they never know when they might need it. And you should not ever dare to throw anything away that belongs to a Scorpio.

Both male and the female Scorpios can drive you crazy, because they're always looking for a verbal battle. They want to be the head of anything they can. If you want a committee started, give it to a Scorpio. They will chair the committee, arrange everything, and do it themselves.

Scorpios do not carry a lot of insecurity, like the other signs do. That is why other signs think the Scorpio is so pompous. They simply feel that when they are right, they are right, and that is all there is to it!


Neither the male nor the female Scorpio is interested in raising children. They enjoy making them, but they don't want to keep them!

Scorpios are the loners, the overseers; they are secretive and magnanimous. They must get the broad overview of the picture. And they're the ones who are 99 years old and still handling everything. You very rarely see a Scorpio become senile. Water signs have a tendency to get senile more easily if they don't watch it.

Scorpios are also fastidious cleaners. Now, the amazing thing about this is that they will clean the hallway, but not their own room. So the hall will be nice for someone walking down it, but their room might be a nightmare. Or they'll keep the windowsill clean, where no one will ever look. And they're the kind who will go around straightening pictures on the wall. They'll say, "Oh, wait! You have a loose thread hanging on you." They're always fiddling around you. "Here, let me fix your collar for you." It's a nice gesture, but after 20 minutes of it, you get fed up.

Don't ask a Scorpio to return any clothes. They will wear them, even if it chokes them to death. They will not take anything back and say it doesn't fit. If they wear a size-6 collar, and you buy them a size 5, they will wear it, choking, with their eyes bulging out. If they get rancid food, they will eat it, or leave it, but not return it.

Scorpios have a different moral code. I don't mean to say that they're rotten, but it would be nothing for a Scorpio to smuggle something if they thought it was needed. Other signs, however, would be too intimidated to do something like this.

Scorpios can lie to you with all truthfulness—do you know what I mean? They work out of their own set of truths, and they don't think it's wrong, because it's not wrong to them. You cannot say to a Scorpio, "That's wrong!" They will give you a perfect, idealized answer that is absolutely right. And I'm certain that the old adage, "Every man must find his own truth within himself," was written by a Scorpio.

Scorpios are tremendous teachers, and they love to be educated, so you'll find them going to school for 5,000 years. They also make great pharmacists and are often involved with medicine. In fact, if you tell Scorpios what medications you're taking, they'll go and look at the bottle. They might not know what it is, but they want to look at it anyway.

Years ago, Scorpios were very heavily into sorcery, alchemy, chemistry—anything that had to do with the natural forms of life. But strangely enough, they do not like bloodletting of any kind.

Scorpios have a natural stamina. You have to be careful with them because they're the sprinters in life. Scorpios will have three or four things going on at once. They'll have two full vocations going on side-by-side, without one just being an avocation, like the rest of the signs. For example, a Scorpio might be both a concert pianist and truck driver—totally different jobs, taking up maybe six to eight hours each.

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