Physical Characteristics

I Geminis are short and dainty in their physical structure.

I They are usually dark—dark-haired, dark-eyed. Their eyes are very prominent. They can either be slanted or they flstROI.Or.Y f HROVGH A PSYCHE'S jYES

have full lids, so they always have what is called "bedroom eyes"—a slow "come hither" look.

Like Leos, most Geminis have beautiful manes of silky-fine, glossy hair.

And, as mentioned earlier, they have highly expressive hands and feet.


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Cancer is a water sign—a maudlin, martyred sign. Cancer is really the sign that carries a cross around, and sure enough, people will hoist them up on it.

Cancers are home-loving, protective individuals. They are very attached to their children. The males make good fathers, and the females consider motherhood their job. It is their whole life, and they will tell you that. When they say to their children, "I have given up my whole life for you," it's true!

Cancers find parting with money very difficult. They will be unbelievably frugal in some frStttOLOGY tHRQWCH rt ¡WchU'S EYES

areas, and absolutely frivolous in others. They also tend to be immaculate in their grooming, but quite messy in their surroundings.

Cancers view life almost too mystically and romantically. No matter how old they get, they really love love. They love the romance and wine of life. They must guard against alcohol and drugs, as they can fall into excesses very easily. They are also painfully shy and oftentimes demure in affairs of the heart. It does not come easily for them to speak eloquently, but they can write very well. In fact, all water signs are good at letting their pen speak.

Cancers adore animals, and while they lean toward cats and large animals, their love encompasses all living things. They have green thumbs, so they're good with plants, gardens, and farming. The simple life is best for Cancers. Too much stress puts a strain on their delicate balance, and their nerves will give out.

Cancers are very selective, probably one of the most particular signs of the zodiac. They do not have a massive number of friends during their life. If they're honest, they will admit to having just one true friend. I think the reason is that all of their love, time, and energy is devoted to their family, which can create a "martyr" situation. In giving so much of themselves, they have no time for personal activities and begin to feel left out.

If Cancers are attached to an organization, they will give endless time and service, far beyond the call of duty, to the group. They make marvelous employees; in fact, you can give them an impressive title and lower their salary!

If you ever tell Cancers that they can't do something, they will immediately say, "Why not?" then go right out and do it. So the one thing not to tell a Cancer is, "I do not think you should ..."

Cancers do have moods, but they have been given a very bad reputation in astrology, because although they're prone to moodiness, a Cancer will actually try harder to get out of the mood. They fight an innate, depressing type of metabolism, so it's a pathological problem. You'll find them having problems with the thyroid, gall bladder, pancreas, blood sugar, and gland-related areas.

If you hurt a Cancer, you'll think you've committed a cardinal sin. When you hurt them, they do not slap back at you. Instead, they give you a really doe-eyed, "You killed me" look that makes you feel extremely guilty. It's a classic "Sarah Bernhardt" all the way, and you know that you're the villain. You've killed them, it's all over, and you've destroyed their life. You say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Then when you ask them what is wrong, they say, "Nothing!" Yet four days later, they'll say, "Remember when you said blah, blah, blah well, it hurt my feelings." And they're still hurt, deeply. In fact, Cancers are hurt so easily that you don't even want to say, "I think your pants would look better if you wore them a little bit longer." They take it to mean that you think they don't dress right, and look tacky. But most Cancers realize that they can be hurt easily and can be moody, so they almost work themselves out of it. The nice thing about Cancers is, even though they're hurt and sustain it for days, they forgive you later.

Cancers will categorize—by date, hour, and minute—every hurt ever dealt to them. Even though they'll forgive you, they don't forget about the event.

Cancers have more than an insecurity; it is actually an inferiority that they're born with. They have an obsession with appearing stupid, sometimes so much so that they get harassed and fulfill their own dreaded prophecy of being dumb.

There is always a subliminal depression they operate with, which is due to their glands. When the glands are so "ticklish," God, you have a hard row to hoe.

Cancers have the ability to tell you the same story 85 times. And for some reason, they never reach the punchline. You don't ever want to let a Cancer tell jokes, because the punchline comes out first, and then they'll forget the rest. However, they're not disconcerted by this at all. They know they can't tell jokes, and they'll tell you as much. So you're left sitting there, saying, "But what about the dog . . . ?" Cancers have a good memory, though. How else could they tell the same story over and over again? It's because they have every story categorized!

Cancers have a marvelous laugh. You can always tell a Cancer by their very hardy, full laugh. They're usually amused by anything that's not in correct order—in other words, not so much by slapstick, but anything that is off-kilter. For example, Cancers will laugh at drunks because they're not following the normal way of doing things..

Cancers have a natural aptitude for knowing when something is not right, and they find it hilariously funny. However, they're not practical jokers; their hypersensitivity keeps them from being that way. They lean more toward the mental side of humor, or anything that is displaced. Humor is almost a catharsis for them; it's a release factor for their sense of inferiority. They view humor as something else being displaced, because Cancers walk around most of their lives feeling displaced. I think it's because they're fighting their mood changes.

Every Cancer that I've driven with, regardless of their age, drives like a little old person. At age 20, they're driving like a senile octogenarian. They are very cautious, convinced that somebody's going to pull out from a side street and smack them a good one. So they drive with both hands on the steering wheel, with tense white knuckles. You'll never find a

Cancer out on a speedway—not a full Cancer.

They're not going to take any chances.

Physical Characteristics

@ Cancers are very glandular and meta-bolically oriented; they must watch their diet very closely.

© They have problems with circulation.

Anything that has to do with the thyroid or the chakras seems to be attacked very severely.

© Cancers have problems with their blood sugar and pancreas, and any of the other major gland areas. I think this has to do with the ebb and flow of the tides.

© They have a very ticklish nervous system.

65 Cancers are usually sweet-looking, with oval faces. You want to crawl into their laps and tell them all your problems. The Cancer is always very sympathetic, very maternal and nurturing.

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