Physical Characteristics

— Aquarians are very sturdy and quite compact. Their bone structure is closely knitted together.

— They are usually of dark complexion— unless, of course, they have a very powerful Ascendant.

— When you hear Aquarians walk, you know they're coming. They have a very pronounced gait. I don't care how light it may be, they have a very definite, methodical step.

™ When Aquarians stand, they do so with their knees locked, feet planted firmly on the floor. You can't budge Aquarians; you can't even knock them over. They make very good football players, as they don't fall down. Their stance is usually feet apart and knees locked.

Both females and males have very broad shoulders.

They are very expressive with their hands, as are all air signs, including Geminis and Libras.

Aquarians are truly fidgety. They've always got something going—their hands, feet, arms, eyes—they just can't stay perfectly still—no way!


The most striking thing about a Pisces—and you'll be able to tell it every time you see one—is that their eyes actually look luminescent. They are deep-set and usually dark, or are of a dark hue. In other words, if they have blue eyes, they are dark blue. There is no wishy-washy look about the eyes of a Pisces. Usually, the eyes are almond-shaped. They have the most marvelous eyes, with a natural contour of the eyebrows and lashes. Everything from the nose on up is absolutely phenomenal. You look into a Piscean's eyes and you really think that you've seen eternity. Any color is gorgeous and almost luminescent.

Pisceans have a disconcerting way of staring at you while you talk. You keep looking at them for approval, and they'll just stare. Now, they're really absorbing everything you say, but they seem to just stare at you. I think what happened was that somebody told the Pisceans when they were little, itty-bitty kids that having shifty eyes was a sign of weakness. So now they bore a hole right through you. Of course, if you tell a Pisces, "You're making me fidgety," they're very sorry about that, but they'll still bore right into you. And they have those gorgeous, luminescent eyes, so you're convinced that they see your soul anyway.

I have many girlfriends who are Pisceans. One was very typical; I would talk to her, and she wouldn't talk back. If you pause, then they'll talk, but they'll never break into your conversation and run over you with words, whereas air signs are always jumping in.

Pisces has, unfortunately, been given the slant of being the occult sign, which almost sounds hidden and subversive, but it's not true at all. They're not occult; they are metaphysical.

In fact, they're called the metaphysical sign. They are usually very spiritual people. Pisceans, by no means, like subversiveness in the sense of being occult. They would rather put it all out on the table. Then if it seems okay, they may absorb it, assimilate it, and file it.

Pisceans, both male and female, really love to be complimented—not flattered, but complimented. They will work endlessly for a compliment. In other words, if they paint a wall, they want to be told it looks nice, whereas the Capricorn couldn't care less if anyone notices how nice it is, saying, "I did it, and it looks good to me." The Pisces individual says, "Hey, look at that!" Their impetus is to work for a compliment. It is a tragedy when people are not complimentary around Pisceans, because they thrive on it. They want that applause and those accolades. You see, they're really saying, "Please, do you notice that I'm competent?"

Pisceans are deeply affected by any slights or insults and are really crushed by them. The other signs living around a Pisces say, "You've got to be kidding me! Did you really take offense at that7" But, oh yes, it does hurt the


Pisces. One good thing about Pisceans is that they'll tell you when they're hurt, whereas Cancers will not—they're the "suffer in silence" people.

Pisceans are also very intellectual as far as sexual relations are concerned. They love all the courting. They don't want it to stop—ever. Bring them flowers and bring them candy. Show them you appreciate them. Consequently, both male and female Pisceans make very good mates because they're so romantic. And it's not a false romance, because even after 15 years of marriage, they'll say, "I will put on my best clothes, and we'll sit down to a candlelight dinner." It's very nice. Even if they have intestinal flu, they want to sit down to a romantic dinner.

Pisceans are also lovers of beautiful things, like the air signs. They love things with beautiful form, such as birds and swans; and they love things with symmetrical, flowing lines. You can always spot a Pisces in a store, since they want to feel the texture of everything. You can never say to Pisceans, "If you touch it, you buy it," because they touch everything they see. They are very tactile and will compliment you, saying things such as, "That material is very lovely."

Pisceans are very aware of their bodies. You will always see Pisceans with natural agility. They are streamlined and svelte. They wear clothes very nicely, both male and female. They are the kind you can put into K-Mart clothes, and they look all dressed up. I think it's their natural bone structure. A lot of models are Pisceans, with high cheekbones. You never see a Piscean with a droopy, sagging jaw. They always have a very clean-cut jawline. In fact, there is an almost angular look to the jaw area.

Pisceans are the artists' models. They age very well, too. The only thing that a Piscean has to worry about is that, due to their bone structure and the cut of their jaw, they can get a little bit taut-looking when they get older. Because their jawline is so cut-in, they have a tendency to get a rigidity about them. However, very rarely do you see a Piscean needing a facelift, male or female. They keep that natural structure of the jaw. I will take the tautness over the sagginess any day.

As strange as it may seem, you won't find a lot of Pisceans in parapsychology. Now, that's strange because Pisces is a mystical sign. Yet, unless they're highly evolved, they won't be into parapsychology. This is due to the Pisceans very analytical, researching mind. Metaphysics doesn't give them enough solidity, so they negate it. If you do manage to get them into parapsychology, though, you'll truly have them. They'll say, "It sounds okay, and I'll dabble in this for a while," but they'll then run the whole gamut of the subject. They'll want to know the entire scope. They will try yoga, herbalism, astrology, and anything that they can actually put their hands on. Most Pisceans, once they've been bitten by the parapsychology bug, will usually go all the way. They'll be dedicated to it for a whole lifetime, since they don't switch allegiance very fast.

Pisceans are tremendous readers—they'll read everything—cereal boxes, food labels, and so on—but they don't get into groups easily. They almost have to push themselves to get out into groups. This usually starts at about the age of 25, an age when they really have to force themselves out. They'll have a wealth of knowledge, but they're private students, rather than group studiers. Pisceans are avid learners and note takers. They take notes on everything and don't want to miss a word. Walk into a class, see a Pisces, and say, "Hello, there." They write, "Hello, there." You'll say, "Nice day," and they write down, "Nice day." If they miss a word, they'll turn to the next person and ask what the whole sentence was. They don't want to miss anything. They'll tape-record a lecture and take notes, just in case the tape fails. If you tell them something, they'll write it down, and they'll quote you.

Pisceans are a paradox in a way. If you want to tell them a secret, they'll keep it forever and ever and ever. They figure that if you were strong enough to give them the secret, then they should be strong enough to keep it. They're not rumor mongers, and they're the first ones of the zodiac to say, "Cut that out; he's not here to defend himself!" Now, Capricorns do have a tendency to swap stories, but not on a malicious level. They're only doing it for information. Aquarians will dabble


in rumors, but don't keep a secret from Pisceans—they'll become very hurt if you do, because you should know automatically that they have a great deal of integrity. They would never tell a soul.

Pisceans are very stubborn. They have a tendency (like all of the air signs) to feel that if they're right, they are right all the way down to the bone marrow. And boy, you'd better not shake them up. Pisceans are good debaters, too. When they know that they're right, they usually have the information to back up their stance. If that doesn't work, then they'll hit you in a sensitive area. "Well, if you do that, it will hurt so-and-so." Then, of course, you're totally disintegrated. Pisces are called the "goody-two-shoes" sign. They will say, "You didn't mean to hurt them anyway, did you?" And you say, "No."

Pisceans, like Capricorns, will change their minds if you prove to them that they're wrong. Whereas, to change the mind of an air sign, most of the time you would have to kill them. And the Taurus, if you show them that the moon does come up, they'll deny it—no way, it does not, no. . . and that is the end of that. They say, "I know what I know, and it is finished, over, and don't talk to me about it anymore."

And finally, you will never find a Pisces acting like a bigot. This sign despises prejudice and bigotry, which is certainly a good thing these days.

Physical Characteristics

X Pisceans have very beautiful, luminescent eyes, and their eyebrows and lashes are finely contoured.

X They have high cheekbones and a clean- cut j awline.

X With age, they do not sag, but they may become taut-looking.

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