Physical Characteristics

TIP Virgos usually have ticklish stomachs; they are prone to stomach upsets and over-acidity.

TIP Their bone structure tends toward being small and petite.

HP Virgos are not hypochondriacs, and they only care that their body functions right. They are not ones to go to a doctor, unless the situation really becomes unbearable.

Ttp Virgos are absolute maniacs about their hair and complexion. They are so fanatical about their hair that you want to shave them! They are not blessed to be born with perfectly endowed features.



Libra is my sign (I was born on October 19), the sign of the scales, which stands for justice. It is also the cardinal air sign. Libras will want to weigh everything; they are truly "middle-of-the-road" individuals. This can drive others crazy. Libras will see both sides of an argument, which makes them very proficient and dominant in politics and diplomacy.

If you ever see two people fighting around a Libra, watch how this individual becomes a mediator. Those fighting will say, "Well, they meant this . . . they didn't mean that . . . !" Then the fire sign will say, "I did too mean it!" Then


the Libra will say, "No, no, . . . now, you did not mean to. . . ." And they have the tactfulness to do this. However, Libras are somewhat flighty people and tend to jump from subject to subject—and then they wonder why others have not kept up with them.

Libras are very expressive. Like Geminis, they will always use their hands when they speak. And Libras will always be seen or heard in some way—especially when they're small children. So you do not ever say to a Libra child, "Children are to be seen and not heard."

As parents, Libras believe that their children should just grow up to be "nice, clean, and not bother us." Libra is truly the partnership sign. Very rarely will you find unmarried Libras. They marry early in life and will often have multiple marriages. It doesn't necessarily mean the marriages won't work; it just means that they'll have many of them.

To Libras, any type of commitment is a marriage. If you say, "Well, you were only living with that person," they will reply, "It is just like a marriage." They may be "living in sin," but they do not want to tell you that they are!

Libra is the one sign that either marries early in life, has multiple marriages, or they never marry—ever, ever, ever.

If you want to get ten jobs done, give them to a Libra. Now, I'm not saying that the jobs will necessarily be done right, but Libras are absolute workaholics, and they're night owls, too. This is probably due to their hyperactive nature.

Libras, like Virgos, should be called "the prostitutes of the zodiac," which means that they can give their love to so many that they can love everybody! And they have a better time loving people magnanimously than they do one-on-one. So they will love you as a humanitarian—all over! They are very tactile, and will always want to hug and kiss you. And to Libras, if they don't kiss you, they don't love you. They seem to be very sexual, but they are more sensual than sexual. Beauty will turn them on more than a roll in the hay.

As magnanimous as they are, the paradox to most people is that Libras are secretive. You don't always know what's going on in their heads. If they tell you something, you may say,

"You say you have told me everything, but I still feel that you're keeping something from me." They leave you feeling as if there's a part still not understood,

Libras are also lovers of beauty. They can become very enamored with beautiful furniture; and anything that is created in an artistic fashion, such as jewelry, beads, and so on. Male Libras (like Sagittarius males) find themselves fascinated with gadgets such as watches.

Be careful of what you say and do around Libras, because if they feel they've been faulted, you will not go unscathed. Libras will track you down. They are known for their terrible tempers, and they're very verbal about it—but they don't let it show that often. They will go after your vulnerable spot. The one thing about Libras is that if they take part in a fight, they want you to throw the first punch. If you don't, they can't fight you. So the worst thing you can do to a Libra is say, "Oh, I'm sorry," just when they're getting ready to let you have it. You just have to let them get it all out. Otherwise, when you do commit some insignificant infraction, the Libra will let you have it anyway!

Libras tend to "suffer in silence," but they hate martyrdom. The worst thing you can say to Libras is that they look down, or tired, or seem to feel under the weather. They're really concerned about being an imposition, which will drive everyone else crazy. Their friends will say, "Why don't you ever tell us your problems?!"

Don't try to give Libras advice about themselves—never do that! If they want help, they'll tell you. But by the time they tell you, it is usually too late to do anything for them—they might be dying by then! Their delicate balance negates advice because they're too busy externalizing to worry about what's going on internally.

Libras are very empathetic people, but they see illness or being maudlin as an act of weakness. They have a very high pain tolerance; if anybody could get an appendectomy done with just a local anesthetic, a Libra could.

Libras are not patient with interruption of ideas or business dealings. The reason for this is that they get sidetracked too easily. Their minds work very rapidly, and they have very busy minds. Therefore, any outside influence is usually spurned until Libras get what they have to say off their minds. One thing I've noticed about Libras is that if you say something to them, they will act like they're ignoring you. They'll turn their backs on you, then come back later and ask what you said.

Libras usually have the ability to cut through the fat in an argument or a comment and get right to the heart of the matter. If you compliment Libras, they appreciate it, but they really don't take it to heart, so it's lost on them. Apple polishing is not effective, because they don't know what to do with it. You can butter them up one side and down the other, but it doesn't faze them.

Loyalty is very important to Libras; they detest ingratitude. As a result, Libras are very hard taskmasters — not only for themselves, but for other people as well. They are not domineering bosses, but people always wonder how they're going to keep up with them. The Libra is blatantly honest — to a fault— like the Sagittarius individual. But you're never in doubt around them.

Libras are also "head" people, and they love to pursue profound ideas—usually their own! They have a depth that even they don't understand, which helps no one, including themselves. They are the "baubles, bangles, and beads" sign, but underneath all of this can be found a very controlled mind. Sometimes they're too controlled, and they can be very stubborn. Libras, like Sagittarians, are really a "don't fence me in" sign. They don't like it, and they will not put up with it.

All Libras are more partial to their fathers than to their mothers. This is true even for the males. And Libra is the sign that definitely carries both masculine and feminine traits totally. They will alternate these sides back and forth within the hour! This can become very confusing.

One thing you'll never want to do around a Libra is act affected. If you suddenly start to develop a southern drawl, the Libra will say, "Why are you talking differently?" They do not like affectation in speech—not even in their own speech.

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