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his book is the product of many years of reading scholarly works, some of them well respected by their colleagues, some heretical (then or now), and a few genuinely ground-breaking ones here and there. Just as important in many ways, however, have been the words and actions of those brave women and men who have founded, invented, stolen, modified, mutated, and otherwise perpetuated the many old and new systems of magic and religion that I have been informed for forty years were what "Witchcraft" was really all about.

At the risk of offending someone whose name I am sure to forget, I would like to specifically mention and thank the following as having helped along the way — whether they meant to or not — with knowledge, wisdom and wit:

Margot Adler, Victor Anderson, Gavin Bone, Stuart Clark, Scott Cunningham, Aliester Crowley, Mircea Eliade, Janet & Stuart Farrar, Donald Frew, Gavin Frost, Gerald Gardner, Ronald Hutton, Richard & Tamara James, Aiden Kelly, Frederick Lamond, Sybil Leek, Patricia Monaghan,

Jeffrey Burton Russell, Starhawk, Doreen Valiente, and Carl Weschke. Other authors whose works influenced this book are mentioned in Appendix 5 (and parenthetical comments to "see So-and-So" refer to books there).

The following are some of those who have shown me the many ways that the Goddess can manifest inside a Wiccan circle: Arlynde de Laughlin, Sally Eaton, Rusty Elliott, Yvonne Frost, Magenta Griffiths, Elspeth of Haven, Anodea Judith, Alta Kelly, Deborah Lipp, Phaedra Oorbeck, Selene Vega, and Gaia Wildwood. My knowledge of Wiccan priestcraft would be considerably poorer without their priestesscraft.

This book would not have been written for another twenty years, if not for the encouragement of Douglas Clapp of PocketPC press and my old friend Mark Bartel/Mar-cus Barccani of Virtual Publishing Group, neither of whom wanted to wait for the 1,000 page tome I've been writing for the last twenty.

I know it's traditional for an author to accept responsibility for all the errors that may have crept into his or her work, and to excuse those who may have just been thanked, and I really should do that... but, really, it's all their fault!

Part One:

A Brief History of


Chapter I:

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