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Foreward: by Ashleen O'Gaea xiii

Preface: by the Author xvii

Part One: A Brief History of Witchcraft

Chap. 1: What Does the Word "Witch" Mean? 1

Chap. 2: Classic Witches and Wizards 7

Chap. 3: Gonna Take a Shamanistic Journey 13

Chap. 4: Gothic Witches and the

"Burning Times" 17

Chap. 5: Witches as Pagan Cultists? 27

Chap. 6: Family Tradition, Neogothic, and

Immigrant Tradition Witches 35

Chap. 7: The Early Anthropologists Step into the Debate 43

Chap. 8: Gerald Gardner Creates "Wicca" 49

Chap. 9: The First Neopagan Heretics 69

Chap. 10: Sisters Doing It for Themselves 77

Chap. 11: Witchcraft in the Post-Modern World 81

Part Two: Wiccan Beliefs and Rituals

Chap. 12: What Wiccans Believe 87

Chap. 13: Varieties of Wiccan Ritual 95

Chap. 14: The Sources of Wiccan Ritual 101

Chap. 15: Current Variations in Wiccan

Ritual Structure 105

Chap. 16: Using Music and Poetry in Wiccan Rites 121

Part Three: Wiccan Resources and References

App. 1: Etymological Notes 135

App. 2: A Micro-Glossary 139

App. 3: Classifying Witchcrafts 145

App. 4: "Principles of Wiccan Belief" 153

App. 5: Recommended Books on Ancient and Modern Witchcraft 157

App. 6: On and Offline Wiccan Resources 177

App. 7: Reconciling with the Moon, by Ashleen O'Gaea 179

Afterward: A Few Last Thoughts 195

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