Chapter Using Music and Poetry in Wiccan Rites

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usic and poetry are two of the most important arts for religious rituals of almost any kind, and Wiccan rituals are no exception to this ancient rule. Melodies, songs, chants, and recitations not only generate emotional responses in the participants, and thus increase the mana in the circle, but they also focus that mana both polytheologically (by reinforcing shared beliefs) and magically (by creating the shared images within which the group's mana will flow and be shaped).

Even if the members of a given coven are all "tone deaf" or "can't carry a tune in a bucket," they should still use music and poetry whenever possible and might wish to try "plain chant," which is often easier to sing than fully melodic songs are.

In this chapter, I'll present a few examples of how sung or rhymically recited words can be effectively used in Wiccan ritual. I'll use "HPS" for High Priestess, "HP" for High Priest (the usual two leaders in most Wiccan rites), "Wmn" for those women other than the HPS, "Men" for those other than the HP, "Both" for the HPS & HP together, and "All" for...guess what?

Since the vast majority of Wiccan covens are of mixed genders, these examples will assume that situation, however, they can and should be rewritten to meet a group's needs. I'm using mostly my own compositions here, not because I think that they are superior, but because I know where all the copyright credits belong — often a problem with popular Neopagan chants.

You will also notice that they reflect my own friendly and respectful approach to the deities and spirits rather than the classic arrogance and paranoia of the ceremonial magicians who influenced Wicca's earliest stages.

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