Call and Response

"Call and response" can be thought of as formalized conversation, usually between the leaders of a ritual and the other participants, in which they mutually reinforce their beliefs and intentions.

Here's an example of how call and response can be used at the beginning of a ritual (in Step 1):

Opening Chant

HPS: Sisters, tell us why we're here? Wmn: We're here to worship the Goddess. HP: Brothers, tell us why we're here? Men: We're here to worship the God. HPS: We're here to worship our Lady dear, Who gives us courage to face all fear, Who brings us hope and love and cheer. We're here to worship the Goddess! HP: We're here to worship the Horned Man, Who gives us wisdom to understand, Who brings us strength for heart & hand. We're here to worship the God! HPS: Tell me sisters, why we're here? Wmn: We're here to worship the Goddess! HP: Tell me brothers, why we're here? Men We're here to worship the God!

This fully serves the liturgical purpose of announcing that the ceremony is beginning and why the people have gathered (to be reinforced in Step 6). Whether sung or chanted, it should be done liltingly — not droned — so the internal rhythm can get the ritual off to a spritely (so to speak) start.

Note the accented "e" in the third verse; it's there to remind the HP to pronounce "Horn-ed" as two syllables, in order to maintain the rhythm.

Symmetry can be important in providing magical "closure," so at the end of the ritual (Step 31), there should be a similar.

Closing Chant

HPS: Tell me brothers, what we have done. Men: We have worshiped the Goddess! HP: Tell me sisters, what we have done. Wmn: We have worshipped the God! Both: We have been blessed with holy grace. Return we now to time and space. The circle fades without a trace. All: Our worship now is done!

The beginning recalls the first four lines of the Opening Chant, altered for final reinforcement and affirming that both mortal genders have honored both Divine Genders.

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