World love spell

The easiest way to receive love is to send it out to the world. Do this spell on a Friday to send loving energy to people who may need it.

You may like to send the energy to a third world country.

You will need: *1 pink rose *l stick or your athame *4 white candles


For this spell you will need to go outside. Do this spell in the day where you can receive the loving energies of the sun. Draw a circle in the ground using your athame or a stick. Evenly space the four candles around the circle you have engrave in the ground. Hold the pink rose up to the sun. Hold it there for about three minutes. Once you can fell your hands getting hot chant;

"I conjure the power of love and lust, send it to the people in need, by the power or rose weed, bring world love now so mote it be"

Pluck the petals of the rose and sprinkle them around the parameter of circle. Now light the candles. Sit in the circle and meditate, visualize loving energies being sent out to the world.

Love Spells

Love Spells

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