World healing spell

As I said in the love spells section of this chapter. If you want love in your life you must give it out! The same thing applies for healing and well being. Try the following spell.

You will need: *1 gold candle *Sandalwood chips *Dragons blood powder *Sage

*Lemon grass *A motor and pedicel *A sharp pin


On a sunny warm day go out side. Using the pin engrave the words "world healing" into the gold candle. Mix and crush the sandalwood chips, dragons blood power, sage and lemongrass in the mortar and pedicel untie the herbs are in a powder form.

Light the gold candle and meditate on giving world peace. See a blue energy channel down through your body into the ground spreading over the words.

Stand up and blow the magical world healing powder you made of your hand. As the powder touches the ground say;

" I give the world my healing power. May my spell help and enchant the world for the good of all"

This is a really good spell because I will help so many people all over the world.

Healing stone

Use this simple method to heal hurt parts of your body.

*You will need:

*1 crystal (which you like)

*A bowl of water

*Sea salt.


Before we use the crystal we must clans it. You can do this many ways. But for this particular spell we are going to clans the crystal using sea salt and water. Place 1 cup of sea salt into the bowl of water.

Place the crystal in the bowl of water and leave for 24 ours. Cover the bowl with a blue silk cloth. Once 24 hours is up take the crystal out of the water and place it in the sun to dry. Once the crystal is dry place it under the rays of the moon. After you have done all this you are ready to use you healing crystal.

Place the crystal on the part of your body, which hurts. Visualize the crystal letting of healing energy absorbing into you body. After about one hour the pain should be gone! You can keep your special healing crystal in a small drawstring bag and only use it for this purpose.

Remember you must clans your crystal every time you have used it on some one or yourself. You don't want to absorb and negative energies!

Meditation helper

This isn't really a spell but a tip I was once told by a friend. I was once having trouble meditating so I did the following.


Fill a small drawstring bag with, basal, musk, mandrake, lavender and some hemlock leaves. Hold this bag when attempting to meditate. It works wonders.

Mind, body and spirit spell

Do the following method to clear you mind and sole of any negative energy that may be inside or around you.

You will need:

*A small talisman you have made (you could use your healing crystal)


Hold the talisman up to the shy in out stretched hands and chant;

"Bless me O' might spirit and earth, bless me by the blessing power of three"

This method is so simple and quick I do it all the time and always before a ritual of spell etc.

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