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These spells are about money. Most importantly it's your attitude towards them. If you really believe in spells than they will become a reality.

You should not go around saying "I have no money, I have no money" because this will get you no where! As I have learnt in the past you should keep positive even throughout the hard times.

Be positive and say, " I have life!" " I have two arms, two legs, and the god and goddess have given me a heart beat.

Or "I am rich in love and money".

I am - is a simple statement in the present moment (now).

I have

I am now having

Are still statements in the present moment?

You will need: *1 gold coin

*Frankincense incense (stick or powder form)

*A green shrub


*A watering can *Green candle *Frankincense oil *A sharp pin


Work this spell on the night of a new moon. Anoint the green candle with the frankincense oil. As you do this chant;

"Spirits of earth and sky, bless this candle by the power of thy enchanted candle flame"

Anoint the gold coin with the oil and chant;

"Power of Jupiter power of mars bless this enchanted coin by the power of mars"

Using the sharp pin engrave the word "money" In the candle. Now light the incense. Once the incense is smoking, pass the gold coin through it and chant;

"Power of Jupiter power of mars bless this coin by the power of enchanted golden stars"

Using the light of the candle and go out side around 12 p.m. and berry the coin in the ground. Plant the shrub over it and water it using the watering can. As the shrub grows your money will prosper.

Money spell

Try this simple method. It is used to make sure you have enough money to do what you need to do from week to week.

Make sure you have a gold coin in your purse/wallet every new moon to the full moon. When the full moon comes spend the gold coin at the shops. And when it's the new moon again place another gold coin in your purse/wallet. This is a really simple method. Why don't you give it a go?

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