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How many times has someone said "your so fat"? This comment is not very nice and can make you feel unhappy within yourself. Losing wait is not as easy as getting the old magic wand out of the cubed and waving it over your body so you're like a stick the next day (although people I know wish it were!).

This spell should be cast to help motivate you, and make you feel happier with who you are! Not what you look like! Every one on this planet has beauty.

You will need: *A picture of yourself *A black permanent marker *3 roses 1 pink, red and white *A purple candle *A sharp pin


Begin this spell on a new moon. This way as the moon gets bigger you begin to lose your wait. Begin by plucking the petals of the three roses and sprinkle them around your picture.

Engrave your name in the purple candle using the pin. Also engrave the words "lose wait". Draw a circle around your body on the photo and chant;

"Wait be gone wait be gone"

Now for the following two weeks, every night draw a circle inside the large circle until the circle is very tinny. By the time the circle is very tinny you should have lost a far bit of wait however with this spell you must, do a lot of exercise, eat right and feel light!

No more pain spell

Do you suffer from pain in your legs or arms? Do you suffer from back pain? Or do you some times get pain is parts of your body? This isn't really a spell but a recipe I made especially for the pain I would occasionally have. And believe me it works wonders!

You will need: *Some vix chest rub *Emiue oil *A bass cream *Jar with lid *Lavender oil


Fill hath the jar with a bass cream. Now add some vix (a chest rub), emiue oil and some lavender oil. Place the lid on the jar shake it and chant;

"Pain be free, pain be gone, Pain be free as I will so mote it be"

Chant this chant over and over while shaking the jar until the mixtures inside the jar are fully mixed. Apply this cream anywhere. It you are allergic to creams than I suggest you don't apply this cream to your skin!

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