The wheel of enchantment

Sabbats, or wiccan festivals, are celebrated by witches throughout the year. The four major sabbats are Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas, and the four minor sabbats are Yule, Ostara, Lither and Mabon. These make up the wheel of enchantment, or a more define way of putting it " wheel of the year".

Besides sabbats witches also celebrate esbats. Esbats are full moon rituals, which most witches will invoke the charge of the goddess. There is a spell in this chapter for beginners to learn how to draw down the blessings of the moon. Below is a table of the eight sabbats and what dates they are held.

Samhain = May 1st (Southern Hemisphere) Oct 31st (Northern Hemisphere)

Yule =Jun 20th (Southern Hemisphere) Dec 20th (Northern Hemisphere)

Imbolc = Aug 1st (Southern Hemisphere) Feb 2nd (Northern


Ostara = Sep 20th (Southern Hemisphere) Mar 20th (Northern Hemisphere)

Beltane = Oct 31st (Southern Hemisphere) May 1st (Northern Hemisphere)

Lither = 20th (Southern Hemisphere) Jun 20th (Northern Hemisphere)

Lammas = 2nd (Southern Hemisphere) Aug 1st (Northern Hemisphere)

Mabon Mar 20th (Southern Hemisphere) Sep 20th (Northern Hemisphere)

Esbats; are celebrated 13 times in one year. You should celebrate each Esbat to receive blessings from the goddess. Drawing down the moon is quiet simple and is done to rid of any negative energy that may lurk inside you.


This is my favorite time of the year. Samhain also known as Halloween, it is a time when we can communicate with the spirit world beast.

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