Success talisman

A talisman is an object that you have enchanted with your power. Make the following talisman if you need success in one of your life goals.

You will need: *A white candle

*A boliean or sharp kitchen knife

*A piece of purple martial

*Sea water (from the beach or lake)


At your altar cast a circle. Take the white stone out of the bowl of sea water, in which the stone has soaked over night. Dry the white stone using the purple martial. As you are drying the stone chant;

" Success is good success is great, bring me success by the power of 8"

Using the kitchen knife or boliean ingrate this witches runic symbol in the white stone. As you engrave this symbol in the stone chant;

"Success is me bring me the power of success by the number 3"

Keep the talisman in a safe place where it won't be lost! Maybe you could drill a hole in the stone and where it around your neck.

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