Spell to keep love strong

Use this spell if you need to strengthen a bound between you and your lover. If your relationship is falling apart than think very carefully before attempting the following spell You will need:

*A photo of you and your partner *Sandalwood chips *Red ribbon

*A cauldron full of hot melted pink wax Method

Place the picture of your partner/husband on your altar. Sprinkle some Sandalwood chips over the picture. Place your picture on top of your partners/husbands picture.

Bind the pictures together using the red ribbon. Now coat the pictures in the cauldron of wax. Keep coating the pictures until they are completely seal with wax.

Once you have done this hid the wax coated pictures in a safe place and chant;

"Keep love strong keep my love golden May my love strong And happy"

You may like to repeat this spell to enhance your relationship even stronger.

Spell to heal a broken heart

In this spell we are going to make a special healing heart talisman. You can use this talisman over and over or even when you are feeling dispersed.

If you have broken up witch your partner or husband and feel emotionally unbalanced than try using this heart talisman.

You will need:

*1 piece of red felt *A pen

*Scissors and supper glue *One small blue crystal


One the piece of red felt draw a heart shape figure. Cut out the heart shape you have drawn using the scissors. Glue the small flat blue crystal onto the center of the heart using the supper glue.

When you are ready to use your healing heart talisman cast a circle. Sit within your circle of love and light and hold your healing heart talisman on your heart.

Close your eyes and meditate on how much you are an impotent person and how you help the world.

Visualize healing energies of love entering your body. Feel the loving energy running through your veins. When you are feeling relaxed chant;

"I am one with the universe and all it's enchanting and empowering energies, so mote it be"

When you feel more relaxed and happy open your circle and drink a cup or coffee or tea while having a soothing bath.

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