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Fill the small bottle with some seawater. Pour some frankincense and myrrh incense into the water. Place your picture in the bottle along with some sea salt. Place the lid on the bottle and shake it up while chanting:

"Evil power be gone, set the negative power free, I'm cleansed and happy so mote it be"

Keep this little charm with you for one week. At the end of the week hide the bottle in your room somewhere, perhaps your wardrobe.

What is a pentacle?

A pentacle is a five-pointed star in a circle. Most wiccans will wear a pentacle as it is the symbol of the witch. The five points on a pentacle represent the five elements: earth to cleanse, fire for passion and love, air for refreshment, water for calming energies, and spirit representing yourself.

The circle around the star represents protection. If the star doses not have a circle around it then it is called a pentagram.

Do witches sacrifice animals?

No. Witches do not sacrifice any living creature. Witches consider every living creature's life sacred and empowering. Witches tend to work with nature not against it!"

Do witches wear black?

No. You don't have to wear black to be a witch. You can wear any color you like. Take me for example, I wear lots of blue. I do where black sometimes. But it doesn't make a difference at all. You can wear any color you like. The decision is up to you.

What's astral projection?

Astral projection is where you orb out of your body. Using astral projection you can orb to the astral realms. Some people say astral projection can be quiet dangerous, but I personally think it's not. If you plan to do an astral projection spell (there is a method in this book) then do it in a white light circle.

The aim of astral projection is to master the astral light and not let it master you!

What is smudging?

Smudging is a form of ritual used to cleanse arias and sacred places. To smudge you need to use a smudging stick. A smudging stick is a bunch or a mixture of herbs bound together.

Each herb used in a smudging stick has a special meaning. For example sage is used to purify negative energies. Below is a table of smudging herbs and instructions on how to make and use a smudging stick.

Smudging herbs


Use rosemary to promote love and lust. Rosemary is also used to help unblock emotional blockages.


Thyme helps promote courage and sometimes used to help your body stay grounded.


This herb is used for protection and to help balance out harmony. It is a good idea to burn some of this herb with some lavender or sage.


Vanishes negative energy that may be lurking inside your sacred objects like your ritual tools for example.


Helps free your inner emotions and show who you really are not what people think you are.

How do I make a smudging stick?

To make a smudging stick you will need: *A bunch of herbs (see list above) *Some twine


Using the twine, bind the bunches of herbs (which you have dried) together while chanting;

"Herbs and magic dust, bless this smudging stick as I must so mote it be"

Ritual for blessing a magic space using a smudging stick

Use this ritual for blessing a sacred space. You can use it to bless the space in which you altar is. Or maybe you can bless your items on your altar using this smudging ritual.

You will need: *A smudging stick

*A shell *A feather

*Clear quarts crystal Method

Using a lighter or matches light the smudging stick. Allow at least two minutes for the smudging tick to begin smoldering properly.

As the smudging stick is smoldering hold the clear quarts crystal up into the air and chant;

"Crystal O' thy bless the sacred aria under the sky, as above so below"

Now fan the smoldering smoke with the feather. Fan the smoke over the things you wish to bless. For example if you want to bless your athame than you would fan the smoldering smoke from the smudging stick over your athame.

You have now completed a simple smudging stick ritual. If the stick is still smoldering after you have finished the ritual than stub the smudging stick on the inside of the shell.

If you would like to know more about smudging or purchase smudging sticks and equipment then try the following web address: Or phone/fax: (07) 5447 9361

What's candle magic?

Candle magic is a form of ritual. When I first began practicing the craft I began using candle magic, as it is one of the simplest magic forms you can work.

Candle magic is so easy to do and the results can be very horrific. (See part two for more info on how to write and work a candle ritual)

When shouldn't I cast a spell? Never cast a spell if:

• Are emotionally angry

• Have taken drugs (like tablets or panadol)

• If it's a dark moon (unless the spell suggests to)

Sometimes the above can interfere with the outcome of spells, charms and rituals you work. Before I cast any spell I will see what phase the moon is in. See how to write your own spells chapter for a table of the moons and the correspondences.

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