Rules and reads

There are no set rules to the craft. However the following nine rules are the ones I like to follow.

• Do what thy will but harm none

• Follow the witch's code to dare to will to be silent

• That witch you send out to the universe shall return to you three fold and that's minimum!

• Do not cast a spell that is against another's best wishes!

• Respect the universe for all that it offers (i.e., don't litter etc.)

• follow the wiccan read "an it harm ye none do as thy will"

These rules and reads are not compulsory; however, many witches I know follow similar rules along these lines. In your book of shadows write down some rules that you will make an oath to abide by.

My way

Most of the rituals, spells, altar set up, and circle castings outlined in this book are from my personal book of shadows-the way I do things. You can alter the circle castings and altar set up to suit your own needs like many of today's electric witches do.

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