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You will need:

*A cup of soil or sand *Bowl of water *A red candle

*Incense blend (sandalwood, frankincense, musk and dragons blood powder. Mix these magical substances in a mortar and pedestal and burn on a charcoal block) All your magic ritual tools you wish to consecrate.


Go out side and do this spell where there is a tree or trees. The spiritual energy of the trees will help propel the blessing of your ritual tools. Make the magic incense blend using a mortar and pedestal. Light the charcoal block by holding it over the flame of the red candle with tweezers!

Place the charcoal block on a fireproof surface. Sprinkle some of the incense blend you have made onto the glowing charcoal block. When the incense starts to burn, parse the ritual tool you wish to bless through the smoke. As you do this see a purifying blue light surround the ritual tool and say;

"By the magical energies of air, I bless and consecrate my (name of ritual tool...) as above so below"

Now parse the ritual tool above the candle flame. Feel the prickles of the sun go through your tool and blessing it. Now hold it up to the sky and say:

"By the magical energies of fire, I bless and consecrate my (name of ritual tool...) as above so below"

Place the ritual down on the surface you are using. Sprinkle the sand or soil around the ritual tool in an anti-clockwise direction and say;

"By the magical energies of earth, I bless and consecrate my (name of ritual tool.) as above so below"

Hold the ritual tool over the bowl of water. Imagine a witchy figure forming out of the water. See this witchy figure bless your magical ritual tool and say;

"By the magical energies or water, I bless and consecrate my (name of ritual tool.) as above so below"

You have now finished blessing one of your ritual tools and now need to repeat this method for each ritual tool you have. It is a good idea to bless your ritual tools every second month or sooner if you like.


Element: air/fire depending on which tradition you follow. I personally like to think it represents air. An athame is a witch's dagger. It is usually black handled doubles blades not very sharp and is used to channel down magical energies in a spell casting.

Most witches I know use their athame to cast a circle and their wand to channel down magical Energies. I don't really like using a wand even though I have one. I virtually use my athame for everything (apart from cutting anything solid! You should never cut anything at all! You use you boliean for that!)

Athames can be expansive. My athame is double bladed with a wooden handle and a pentagram burnt into it. It very hard to describe to you but let's just say It looks nice, well that's what I think.

You can make an athame by finding an old fishing knife and getting it blunted. You can then add all sorts of witchy pieces, like leather the witch's pentagram, crystal etc. You may even wish to take your athame to an engraver get magic witch's symbols engraved into the blade of the knife.

Altar pentacle Element: earth

An altar pentacle is simply a round disk witch a pentagram burnt or painted one. Alter pentacles are made from a range of materials including; wood clay, stone, crystal, metal etc. ' My altar pentacle is a wooden dish with a pentagram burnt into it and there is a crystal stuck in the center of the star. I also sit varies objects and each point of the star. For example I have a special goddess and god coin which I received in a special witch craft shop. I have a bird for my familiar.

My budgies cirrus and willow love to cant and sing alone with me. When I was writing this book, my school had a library substitute teacher for a whole term. She was very inspiring and gave me the inspiration to finish this book. She even helped me with the editing of this book before I sent it of to a publisher.

On here last day of teaching at my school, she gave me a tinny little owl and said, " Take this It's a little something to remember me by". She also said "I know how you are into witch craft and magic and I thought I would give you an owl as a guardian Familiar".

She told me that she has a very powerful owl that comes and visits here in the nighttime. Miss Flanigon loves collecting figurine owls.

You can make an altar pentacle by drawing a five-pointed star in a circle on a white peace of paper. You can also make one out of clay. You may even like to paint some rune symbols around the circle if you like.

Goblet/chalice Element: Water

A goblet is a bit different to a chalice although they basically represent the same thing. A goblet or chalice is usually passed around the coven for a sip of witch's mead to help ground and center yourself. It also contains a magical liquid for cakes and ail.

Goblets can be quiet expansive and Chalices more so! You can make a goblet by purchasing a glass goblet from a discount shop. I did this and stuck a peter star on with some supper glue.

If you can't fine a pentagram to stick on your goblet than you can make one out of clay. Let your imagination lead you the way.


Element: fire/air depending on which tradition you follow A wand is used to channel down enchanting energies and send the energy you have raised within a circle where you want it to go.

I made all my wands to the simple fact that it's cheap and they are really easy to make. To make a wand you will need to find a stick that appeals to you. Most witches will uses certain types of wood when making a wand for different magical prepossess.

Once you have found the correct stick sand it back so it has a smooth texture (unless you want to leave the bark on) and rub the stick down with a special essential oil.

You can decorate you wand by painting some runic symbols on it. Or raping scrap leather around it. You can even bind a crystal on the top of it. You decorate it to your own accord. You may even like to bind some feathers on it.

Other witches tools Crystal ball

Crystal balls are usually associated with gypsies and witches. A crystal ball can be quiet costly (although most of the ones around today are lead light, but will still do the same job!) so if you like you can learn to scry using a bowl full of water. Scrying in a bowl of water is the same as scrying into a crystal ball.

It takes a lot of practice and skill before you will see any pictures or symbols. If you are planning to learn how to scry I suggest you do the magic psychic spell (see magic spells and enchanting wishing wells chapter).


Why should I have a broom? I can't fly on it! Can I? No you can't fly on a broom physically, but you can in the astral world. Some witches use their broom handles as wands! Others like to sweep their magical space with their broom to rid of any negative energy.

A broom also plays a very big part in a Wiccan marriage. A broom is laid out on the ground. The couples are then meant to jump over the broom to promote fertility in a newborn baby.

Book of shadows

A book of shadows is a witch's journal. Every witch I know has a book of shadows. It's very important that you take notes on what you did, unless you could not give a rat's bottom about it, which is really a bad attitude that's not a true wiccans, attitude!

A book of shadows dose not have to be the beast witches book in the world. It can be as simple as an exercise book.

You may even like to cover a blank hard cover book in leather and burn symbols in it using a solder ion.

You should also keep a sage and bay leaf in the front cover. Sage is a protecting leaf and bay keeps your book hidden from hot nosy hands!

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