Psychic Spells Development

Psychic development spell

Most witches I know will have learnt some kind of divination technique. This chapter has a large rang of things you can do to develop your psychic gift.

If you are planing on developing the skill of Scrying or ESP, than work the following spell.

You will need:

*A purple candle

*A bowl of water

*Black ink (try your news agent)

*A clear quartz crystal


Place all of the above items on your altar. Fill the bowl with water and pours some black ink in it as well. When the ink sets and forms a film on top of the water light the purple candle.

Drop the clear quartz crystal in the middle of the water. Once the crystal has sunk to the bottom (don't worry if it floats) chant;

"Oh ha moba ha Sun, moon and the silver Baboon, cast forward the Future so mote it be"

Using the light of the purple candle gaze into the black film, which has set on top of the water. Do not strain your eyes to see pictures symbols or insights. Relax and let a picture come to you naturally. If a picture dose not come to you that attempt this procedure another day. Remember it will take practice to develop this skill and always use your intuition.

Magic dreams spell

This spell is used to help give you psychic visions through your dreams. This charm is very powerful and can sometimes promote astral projection.

You will need: *Sage

*Sandalwood *Dragons blood powder *Mandrake

*Your mortar and pedicel

*A magic pouch with stars and moons on it


Before you go to bed mix all of the magical substances together in your mortar and pedicel. As you crush the magical substances into a powder chant;

"Magic dreams flow down trough my veins like magical steams"

Place the magic powder you have made into the small pouch. Place the small pouch under your pillow and recite then chant every night.

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