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This spell is used to protect yourself and loved ones. A witchy friend once gave this spell to me. I used this spell when I once needed protection.

If you feel you need that extra bit of protection than work the following spell.

*You will need:

*A piece of white card board

*Scissors and a pen

*A photo of yourself




Using the pen draw a circle on the back of the white cardboard. Cut out along the circle using the scissors. Once you have than that, past your photo in the middle of the circle.

Now on the cardboard circle with your picture on it, draw a circle around you picture. Follow the line circle you just have drown with a glue stick. Now sprinkle the salt over the glue and chant;

"Protection within protection witch out may protection be with me and never without, so mote it be"

Write this chant on the back of the cardboard circle. Once the glue is dry and the salt is stuck to the card board circle, place the circle in front of a mirror this will double the power of your spell and bring protection to the house as well.

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