Preparing for Halloween

If you plane to have a Halloween party than you may like to place some Jake O' lanterns out the front of you house. You can make sabbat cakes and witchy punch. Place cobwebs and skeletons around the house (or party place).

Some people like to have a fortuneteller at there party. This can cost a lot of money, but if you know someone who is willing to do it (maybe one of your witchy friends) you can make a special place e some where in your house. Believe in me you will be amazed how many people will line up to get their fortune read!

Making a Jake O' lantern

Jake O' lanterns plays a big roll in a mythical Halloween party. There are many ways of making a Jake O' lantern, and you can be as creative as you like. Use you imagination. You can even paint on the lantern if you aren't so keen on caving a face. The ideal colors that best associate with this magical evening are, *Red

* Black

* Green

Find an unusual shaped pumpkin that you like (you can pick pumpkins up at the markets really cheap) and hollow it out using a spoon and knife.

Don't throw away the seeds as you can back them to munch on. Carve or paint a face on the pumpkin, you may wish to drill holes in the lid if you intend on placing a candle in side the pumpkin to allow the hot air to escape.

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