To do some of the following methods you will need certain items and also a psychic working space. To begin make a small place in a room. It can be any room you like. You will need to obtain a small table on which all your psychic stuff will live.

Place a black silk or velvet cloth over the table. This will act as your reading cloth. Now you must place two purple candles on the table.

You can now place your tarot cards or crystal ball or the like on the magical psychic table you have made.

Test your power...

ESP cards

ESP cards are special cards containing five special symbols on them. There are 25 ESP cards all together and they are really easy to use.

When I was first learning how to use and direct my psychic energy I use ESP cards. When you go to use ESP cards all you have to do is turn them all upside down (so you can't see the pictures on them) and hold your hand above each card. Have a guess as to what you think the picture is. Turn the cards over and see if it's right. It is said that if you can get six of your guesses correct that you have a special hidden gift.

To make a pack of ESP Cards you will need...

*25 plain white cards (about the size of ordinary playing cards)

*A purple marker


On five cards draw a triangle, a square, a circle, wavy lines, and a cross. Repeat this until all 35 cards are gone. If you are interested in more psychic methods then have a look in the spells chapter in part three because there are some more there, or visit my web site and do the online psychic workshop course for free!

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