Myths of wicca

• Witches are Satanists and evil

• Witches where lots of black and can fly

• Witches manipulate other people and curse distress

• Witches practice black magic and bring bad luck

• Witches are brain washed and not with it!

Facts and reality of wicca

• Witches are positive and like to bring about positive outcomes

• Witches worship the god and goddess including nature

• Wicca is a positive spiritual religion

• Witches work spells for positive purposes by harnessing the power of the four/five elements

• Witches follow a simple code to dare to will and to be silent


In conclusion I would like to point out that this book is a guide and how-to book of my form of Wicca. If you have any questions about this book or Wicca, please follow the instructions on my web site, Magical blessings Mitchell J.C. )O(*

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