Method for making a sacred place

To make a sacred place you will need:

*Incense (and lots of smoke!)

*A oil burner (with an oil and tea-light candle)

*Broom (or you special with broom)

*1 candles (purple)

*Sea salt


Using your broom, sweep a circle in a anti-clockwise direction. Sweep the whole aria inside the circle and visualize a magical blue light blessing the space your working in.

Now burn an oil using the oil burner. As the oil and water in the dish of the oil burner heat up chant;

"Magic is here I am now Let the enchanting power Bless me and this space now!"

Now light the incense sticks or charcoal blocks. Wait for the smoke to come one the incense is giving of a lot of smoke walk around the circle you swept beefier taking the incense with you.

Once the magical aura you are making if full of smoke light the purple candle and chant;

"Mother earth mother round May your magical energies

Enchant this ground and bring Blessing energies all around So mote it be"

Now sprinkle some sea salt around the candle and leave the candle to burn down completely. Once you have finished making a sacred space you can now think about setting up a witch's altar.

Setting up a witches altar

There are many ways wiccans set up their altar there is also traditionally ways of doing it. However when I was a beginner of the craft I set up an altar the way I wanted to be. To me, setting up an altar my way was very unique and empowering in one way or another.

Below is my version of setting up an altar. You may even like to set up an alter your own way just make sure that you have the god and goddesses represented and the elements earth, air, fir and water/spirit.

To set up an altar my way you will need: *An altar cloth (or silk scarf)

*You athame (or incense for air) *You alter pentacle (or a crystal for earth) *Your goblet/chalice (or a bowl of water) *Your wand (or a candle for fire)

*God and goddess figures (or a silver candle for the goddess and a gold candle for the god)

*Any other witchy or enchanting items you like and wish to have on your altar top.


Begin by placing a small table stool etc. in the sacred space you made just before. Place the altar cloth (or silk scarf) over the surface you will be using as an altar. It's up to you how you want your tools placed on your altar but this is what I have.

Fists place you altar pentacle (or crystal) In the middle of the altar table. Now place your athame (or dish of incense) in front of the altar pentacle. Place you goblet/chalice (or dish of water) in the western direction. You can place your wand (or candle) on the left-hand side of you alter, or you also might like to place the candle in the northern direction.

You can place your god and goddess figures wherever you want on your altar. If you don't have any figures you can use a silver and gold candle to represent them. You can also place anything else you like on your alter But the above I have just mention are the main things every witch's altar will have.

Casting a circle

There are many ways of casting a sacred circle of protection love and light. However I have kept this ritual simple, as you are only a beginner and can incorporate more in this spell casting ritual as you get more experienced.

A circle is cast to keep the energies you want in, and those you don't want out! Once you have raised power and worked a spell with in a circle, you may feel a little lightheaded. This means that you are not grounded and centered on the earth properly. You can ground yourself by laying down on Mother Nature, with your prams the ground (a bit like the position you are in before a running race begins). Imagine a staring energy run right through your body, and out again taking any energy that may of been left after your spell casting.

You can also treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee. This is my favorite way of grounding my self, and is great for beginners.

To cast a circle you will need: *All the elements represented

*You're athame, sword or wand. If you don't have any of these just use your enchantment finger. You enchantment finger is you index finger.

*Privacy and you must be undisturbed. So turn of your Mobil, take the phone of the hook, and get reedy to make magic.

Before you cast your circle you need to have a magical enchanting bath, to get you in the right state of mind, and take a way any negative energy that may lurk inside you. Blow is one of my personal recipes to make sacred bath salts.

Sacred bath salts

You will need: *1 cup of sea salt *Purple food die

*A cauldron or large mixing bowl

*Rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood and frankincense oil.

*A silver spoon

*A jar with a lid


Place the sea salt, in the cauldron or large mixing bowl. Mix with 1 teaspoon of food die, to add cooler. You may also wish to use a different for a different purpose. Mix three drops of each oil with the mixture as well. Steer the mixture with a silver spoon and chant;

"Lady goddess of the stars, bless this salt by the power of mars"

Keep the magical salt in a sealed jar. Use in your bath before casting A spell. After you have had your bath, you should be feeling refreshed, and reedy to work magic. After I have had my magical bath I will dab myself dry as not to remove the magical oils.

You may also like to rub your body down with a sacred cream. This can make you get the right state of mind and can get you feeling even more relaxed.

Sacred cream

You will need: *1 cup sorbelene cream *Frankincense oil *Crushed war nut shells *A jar with a lid *A wooden spoon


Pour the sorbelene cream into the jar, and add 3 teaspoons of the sacred frankincense oil. Mix the crushed walnut shells in with the cream. Close the lid and shake up the cream well before use.

Tracing your magic circle

Sit at your altar, surrounded by candlelight. Make sure you have all your ingredients, candle, oil, herbs etc, as you don't want to have to keep going in and out you circle as this can weaken it.

Pick up your athame (or what you are using to trace you circle). And in a anti-clockwise direction trace a circle in the air slowly. As you are doing this say;

"I conjure, the powers of north, south, east and west to construct a magical circle of protection, love and light, I cast out evil I cast out wrong make this circle sacred safe and strong"

As you are drawing the circle, and chanting the chant, you need to visualize a blue light streaming out of your athame blade. See the blue light spread above and below you forming a spire of protective blue light.

Now it is time to summon the four elements of, earth, air, fire and water.

Each of theses elements live in the four cardinal pinot of, north, south, east and west. Light the red candle and gaze into the flame and say;

"I summon the spirits of fire, I bid you to bless and guard my sacred circle of love and light" Now light the incense and say;

"I summon the spirits of air, I bid you to bless and guard my sacred circle of love and light"

Now take the crystal or rock, and visualize it lighting up with a positive power, and say;

"I summon the spirits of earth, I bid you to bless and guard my sacred circle of love and light"

Now take a sip of the witch's mead (or what ever you are drinking for this ritual). Taste the river of life and say;

"I summon the spirits of water, I bid you to bless and guard my sacred circle of love and light"

You must now call upon the god and goddess. You may like to call up a specific god and goddess for certain prepuces. You can say something like this;

" Gracious god and goddess (or specific god and goddess) I welcome you to my sacred circle of protection love and light, and ask that you witness and aid me in your right"

To seal the magic circle say;

"By the powers of 3 times 3, my magic circle is cast and bleeds with protection so mote it be"

You have now cast your circle and ready to begin you magical spell casting.

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