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Incense sticks powders and cones are made up of special herbs, gum, barks and raisins.

Each magical substance represents different meanings. For e.g. Mug wort would be used in psychic and divination spells. I proffer to make my own magical incense, because it's cheap and more powerful. I like to burn my incense on a charcoal block, which burns in an incense censer.

To make magic with incense, you will need: *A range of different herbs, gums, roots, barks etc. *A mortar and pedicel

*A candle (the color that best corresponds to your magical need. Cheek out the how to write your own spells chapter)

*Charcoal blocks (you can buy these at occult and new age shops for around $4.95. Cheek out the list of magical *suppliers in the back of this book) *A censer with some sand in it

*Tweeters or tongs to light the charcoal blokes (you don't want to burn your fingers!)


Gather together all the herbs that best correspond with your magical need (cheek out the how to write your own spells chapter for a table of correspondence). Crush and blend together all of the magical substances in a mortar and pedicel. Pour some sand in the censer or bowl. Engrave a symbol that represents your goal or need in the candle using a sharp pin or boline.

Light the candle and hold the charcoal block in the flame using the tweezers or tongs. Once the charcoal block is sparking and is glowing red. Slowly place it down on the sand, which is in the censer.

Sprinkle some or the magical powder you have made on the charcoal block. As the smoke coils up into the air visualize your goal or need becoming a reality. You may also like to chant and raise power.

Making a magic power mediation stone

Most witches will be able to meditate and get their minds in the right fame and state. There are many ways to mediate and a lot of them can be quiet hard. In fact it is not easy at all to think of absolutely nothing for short periods of time.

Because you are only a beginner, and mediation can be quiet hard, I am going to teach you one of my most favorite but simple ways of natural mediation. You will need some sort of stone that is empowering and enchanting to you.

You can have some incense and candles lit (although some people can get distracted when having these alight in the magical space they are working in).

Hold the magical stone in your hands. As you are holding the power stone feel its energy. Visualize the stone lighting up and as it's doing this it's warming your hands with a positive loving power. You should do this method every day until you are perfect at it.

As you are mediating with your eyes closed holding the crystal. Meditate on your highest good and greatest joy. Always try to think positive be relaxed and happy.

Do not have the TV, radio or Mobil on! Take the phone of the hook or turn the volume to the answering machine down.

How to make your very own power stone

You will need:

*A color stone coordinating to what you intend to meditate on (cheek out how to Wright your own spells chapter) *You're favorite crystal *Some leather


On the night of a full moon go out side and look fore a rook that appeals to you. Clue your favorite crystal to the rock and bind it with leather. As you are binding the stone with the leather chant;

"By the magical power Of this world, one this

Night and in this our fill This power stone with Enchantment and power"

Use the magical stone for mediation rituals and psychic spells. You can even use this stone for calling in the element of earth during the casting of your magical circle.

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