Magic application form oil

The following is a oil recipe. Blend the following list of oils and lightly spry in the bottom right hand corner of your resume or application form. This blend of oil will give the owner of the store, or who ever reads the form) a favorable impression.

Oil blend *Ylang ylang *sandalwood

*frankincense *bay oil

*A bass oil (cooking oil is good) Lucky lotto spell

Use this spell to help enhance your luck at winning the lotto or other money games. Just work the following spell.

You will need: *Your lotto ticket *A green candle *Dragons blood powder *3 bay leaves *Your mortar and pedicel


Place all the items on your altar or magic table. Mix and crush the dragons blood powder and bay leaves using your mortar and pedicel. As you do this think of what you would do with the money if you win it.

Once the herbs are in a powder form, light the green candle. Place your lotto ticket in front of the candle and sprinkle the magic powder you made in an ant-clockwise direction as you chant;

"God and Goddess I ask that you bring luck to my lotto numbers out of the draw (say the numbers you have chosen) so mote it be"

Blow out the candle. When the lotto show comes on light the candle for extra luck and repeat the chant slowly and calmly.

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