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This is the ideal spell to cast if you will to find your sole mate. If this spell dose not work than I suggest you wait two weeks before attempting it again, because it may not be the ideal time for the universe to grant you your sole mate. Or maybe your soul mate lives far away, and it could take time before he/she will pop up into your life.

You will need: *1 pink candles

*50 cm of red, pink and papule ribbons plated together to form a cord. *A fireproof pot

*A piece of pink paper and silver pen Method

On the night of a new moon, write you name and the words "soul mate" on the piece of pink paper with the silver pen. Plate the red, pink and papule ribbons together so they from a cord. Using a ruler fined the center of the candle and mark it by tying the plated cord you have made around it.

Place the candle in a fireproof pot and light the wick. Burn the piece of pink paper in the candle flame and as its burning chant;

"Love is here love is now, bring him/her now! So mote it be"

Leave the candle to burn for ten minutes. Now for the next consecutive nights re-light the candle and repeat the chant. Once again leave the candle to burn for ten minutes. Do this every night until the candle flame has burnt past the ribbons (don't worry if the ribbons catches a light) and in you minds eye visualize the kind of love you want in a relationship.

By them time the candle flame has burnt down past the ribbon you should already have a new love in your life. If you don't, wait two weeks (minimum) before doing the spell again. As I said before your love may come, but it could take a while!

Spell to attract love

This spell is used to enhance love with someone you know. Please remember that this spell is not used to make a person love you! It will only enhance love with someone you like!

You will need:

*A photo of the person you wish to enhance love with *Dragons blood powder *A sharp pin

*A piece of paper and pen *Red ribbon


On the night of a full moon, engrave your name in the candle and your lover's name. If you don't know his/her name than write the word "lover".

Write your name on the piece of paper. Now light the pink candle. Place the photo of the person face up. Now sprinkle some dragons bloods powder over the picture.

Place the piece of paper on which you writ your name earlier on top of the picture.

Bind the picture and peace of paper together using the red ribbon and chant;

"I love you and you may love me, let time evolve and we will see"

Leave the candle to burn down completely. Once the candle is burnt down berry it under a tree.

Self love spell

As I have said many times "you can not love anyone or start a relationship until you begin loving ones self".

Work this spell if you would like to feel better with who you are and give you the courage to show your expressions.

You will need: *3 red roses

*lavender oil (or bath crystals)

*2 purple candles *Relaxation music


On a Friday night have a love bath, Fill the bath up with warm water. Add a few drops of lavender oil, bath crystals etc.

Place the three red roses and float their petals on the bath water. Take a bath by the light of the three purple candles. Listen to relaxing music.

By the time you have had your bath you should be felling more happy, positive and relaxed with whom you are.

Spell to see your future love

I have had many people ask me to give them a spell to see their future love.

Well here it is. A word of warning, only do this spell if you really want to find out how you're next lover will be. Some people are shocked when they find out and become very unhappy!

You will need:

*One long thin peace of red appalls skin (it must be 5 cm long and very thin!) *A cauldron full of hot water *1 clear quartz crystal


In a candle lit room, place the cauldron of hot water on a table or your altar. Say out loud "is this who my next love be?"

Drop the piece of red apple peal into the hot water. Watch the apple coil and see what it dose.

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