Job spell

Are you trying to get a job or find work? Well if you are than the following ritual is for you!

You will need: *A piece of green paper *A gold pen

*Small boatel (with a lid) *A green candles


Work this spell the day before your interview. Using the gold pen write your name and the company you wish to work for on the piece of green paper.

Light the green candle and gaze into the flame. As your are gazing into the flame chant;

"My job is her I need a job now

I know how, by the power of three I jinx this candle to enhance my chances of getting this job, so mote it Be"

Now burn the piece of paper. Once the paper is burnt collect the papers ashes and place then in a small bottle and seal with the lid.

When you are to the place where you will be interviewed, sprinkle some of the ashes out the front of the building.

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