How to write your own spells

Did you know that the most powerful spells you can cast, are the ones you adapt yourself? Writing your own spells is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need to do is follow simple steps. Find out what herbs, gums, and raisins best associate with your need.

Find the oils and colors that will empower your spell. Research which god or goddess you will need to call upon for your spell.

Find the best moon phase to work you spell on

Find the correct crystal or stone which corresponds with your spell or need

Adapt a spell, incorporating all the information you have found.

Herbs, raisins, gums and barks

Herbs, gums, raisins etc. have been used in tribes and used in magical teas for years. Most of the herbs I have mentioned in this book are easy obtain, and can be found at a good health food shop. If you have trouble finding some of these magical substances, then maybe you can mail order vireos occult shops. There is a list in the back of this book. You may also find web site on which you can order your herbs online. Once online witchcraft shop I like is called Wizard's Realm. (See magic on the net.)

* Dragons blood powder

This is a great powder to use in any spell. I usually add a small pinch of this red magical substance in all my incense mixtures. It is not really from a dragon! It comes from a sacred pram tree.


A very powerful witch's herb. It is said that the root is so powerful that it can kill or curse anyone that tries to pull it up. Mandrake praised it is very powerful and resembles the body of a human. This root is great for voodoo and porpet magic.

*Sandalwood (powder/chips)

This is great for wishing and fertility spells. You can use this bark as a bass powder for incense. This magical substance is also good to bless the house.


Sage leaves, are used in money and wisdom spells. It is said that if stuff a small cushion with magical substance (which can be found in the supermarket) and place it under you pillow the night before you have a job interview, I should go smoothly and have you feeling relaxed and calm.


Hemlock leaves are very hard to come by. But I will let you in on a little secret. You can find these leaves at the estrotic bookshop in Hawthorn (The web site is in the back of this book) for around $4.95, a great bargain. Hemlock is used for many peruses. I like to use the leaves in bath infusions to help me become in a meditative state.


Rosemary is used to help you with your creative powers. It is said that if you burn a little of this magical herb on a charcoal block, it will attract down the blessing of sprits.


Lavender is one of my favorite witchy herbs. It is said that one can see supernatural beings when caring this herb. Lavender also known as "eye of newt" is also used in psychic and healing spells.


This is a great raisin for self and world protection. I have some myrrh crystals that I purchased from a witchy market. Myrrh is easy to obtain but can cost a lot. So if you like you may be better of to shop around before you buy, as the old saying goes "look before you leap" you may find a bargain.

*Rose petals

Rose petals are used in love and lust spells will often dry out the roses my friends and family gives me. You can by rose petals already dried out from occult shops, but I think it is just as easy to put rose petals in a paper bag and leave it in the sun for a couple of days.


Cloves are use in healing and protection spells (try your local supermarket). My grand mother once told me that if you have a tooth ace you should chew on one clove. She believes it takes the pain away.

*Orris root (powder)

This is a great powder for love and libido spells. You should sprinkle a little of this powder on the bed sheets for a romantic night. You can also use this gum as a bass powder for incense mixtures.

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