How to make your own voodoo doll

You will need: *Brown paper *A pencil *Scissors

*Cotton fabric (approx. 24 cm by 20 cm) *Pins

*Needle and thread



1.) Using pencil, trace a doll figure on the brown paper. Remember the cutting line is outside the sewing line, as you need to allow 1 cm for the sewing seam.

2.) Fold the fabric in half, pin on the template you have made, and cut two identical doll shapes. Pin together along the sewing line, and stitch the seams, leaving a 3 cm gap along the (so you can stuff the doll)

3.) Turn the doll inside out so the seams are hidden. Stuff the doll with You're chosen stuffing or special herbs. Now you can sew up the gap in the leg.

Using your magical voodoo doll

To use your whether it be for good or for bad (although I would not want to lower my self to something as evil as that) you will need to put the subjects hair, nail clippings and anything else that relates to the person on the voodoo doll. In fact you need to make the doll look as identical to the person as possible.

Now incorporate the voodoo in to a spell of ritual you have a adapted check out how to write your own spells chapter).

Candle magic

Making magic with candles is quiet simple and is the best magic to begin practicing. Although it is quiet simple to cast a spell with a candle, the results can be very affective!

You will need:

*A candle (find the color that best represents you need. Look at the correspondence table in the how to write your own spells chapter)

*A pin or sharp knife

*Oil which best represents your need

*Strong visualization powers!


1) First you will need to obtain the correct color that best corresponds to what you intend to do. For example if you where doing a ritual for love you would use a pink candle. If you where doing a money ritual you would use a green candle because green signifies money and wealth. For a table of colors and their correspondences see how to write your own spells.

2) Once you have found the correct color for your candle ritual you must bless the candle. Did you know that candles absorb energies very easily? To bless the candle hold it up to the shy and chant;

"Oh' spirits of thy bless this candle and I, so mote it be"

3) Using the sharp pin, engrave a word, symbol or anything that corresponds to your need. For example if you where doing a love ritual you may engrave the word "new love" in the candle.

Now anoint the candle with the oil (see glossary for details on how to anoint a candle).

4) Light the candle and gaze into it's flame. As you are gazing into the flame will what you wish for. You must concentrate on your need and see it becoming a reality. You may like to chant as the candle is burning to raise power.

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