How to make a divination scaring vessel

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Scrying is an accent art that has been around for many years. It is basically the same as gazing into a crystal ball. You can get crystal balls every where these days, although a real one that's not plastic, or glass can cost a lot of money. So if you like you can make your very own scrying mirror like I have to make your own scrying mirror

You will need: *A picture frame *Black cardboard


1.Cut the black card board to size of the picture frame 2.Inset the black cardboard into the picture, so that the glass reflects you.

How to use your scrying Visalia

Light a white candle and let the flame reflect in the vessel you have made. Use your psychic insights to help you see pictures or symbols of the further. Before you do this small simple ritual I would recommend you cast the Astral projection spell.

Astral projection is where you orb out of you body into a astral realm. A lot of people say astral projection is dangerous. In my opinion it'd not. Do it in a white light circle.

You will need: *A straw broom *Mug wart oil *Coconut oil *3 meters of white rope *4 white candles


Using the soft white rope make a circle in the space you will be working in. Place a white candle evenly spaced around the perimeter of the rope circle to represent the four cardinal points. Sit in the middle of your circle and light the candles. Relax and start to meditate. When you are ready mix the oils and anoint the handle to your broom. As you rub the oil on the handle of your broom chant;

"My magic power is now set free, open my third eye up for me so mote it be"

Lay down within your magic circle and meditate with your eyes closed. When you are ready you will astral project to another world of new experience.

Note: It is very important that you ground yourself-after this ritual. You may want to treat yourself to a cup or tea or coffee.

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