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Use this spell to ensure all round good health. If you are becoming unhealthy and wish to enchant your health a well being than try the following spell.

Cast this spell on Tuesday around 6 p.m. when the moon if full.

You will need: *1 green apple *1 red apple *Plated twine *A piece of blue paper *A gold pen *A kitchen knife


Cut the red and green apple in hath using the kitchen knife. Write your name on the piece of blue paper and the words "eternal health" using the gold pen.

Fold the peace of paper up and place it in the middle of the cut red apple. Now place the green hath or the apple on top of the red hath.

Tie the two apple harths together so the piece of paper is in the middle. Eat hath of the red and green apple. While visualizing you're self-obtain eternal health.

Once you have finished eating the left over opperset apple haths, go outside and berry your charm in the garden under a shrub. As the shrub grows so will your internal health.

Healing spell

I write this spell to help heal one of my best friends. You can use this spell on pets, friends, family even yourself. This is a very powerful spell and it worked for me!

You will need:

*A photo of the person you wish to heal *Blue cord or ribbon *Sea salt

*A small draw sting bag *Bay leaves


Place all of the items on your altar top. Cast your circle and call upon the spirits and fairies of healing. Place your palm on the picture of the person you wish to heal and chant;

"Heal in and heal out May I heal you and may You never be without So mote it be, heal the By the power of three"

Now sprinkle some salt and crushed bay leaves over the picture. Now hold the blue cord or ribbon in both hands. Enchant the ribbon witch you're healing powers. Now we are going to do some cord magic. Tie the first knot in the blue ribbon or cord and say;

"By the healing power of one my healing spell has begun"

Now rub the knot with your thumb and index finger to seal the energy. Tie a second knot in the ribbon or cord and say;

"By two my healing energy is true"

Tie one more knot in the blue cord of ribbon and say;

"By the healing power of three so mote it be, for the free will of all and harm to none the spell is done"

Place the picture, crushed bay leaves and salt into the small bag. Keep the bag in a safe place until the person is better.

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