Good witch tips

1) Never wear a ritual robe around a fire! Ritual robes are so long and lose that when they are worn they can very easily catch fire if a spark jumps out the fire. We have had enough witches burned, please no more!

One of my friends once danced around a fire in a ritual robe, and sure enough it caught fire. As she was trying to put the fire out she knocked all the candles of the altar in front of the coven (how embarrassing!)

2) It's a good idea to burn candles in jars. I used to burn my candles on candleholders, but if I went into a trance state the wax on the candleholder would build up and eventually overfull and all the wax would end up on my altar cloth! (It was expensive!).

You can use any jar, but I find old coffee jars work well or maybe you can buy your candles already made inside a jar.

3) Begin to stock up on special herbs, oils, candles, ritual tools etc. Below is a special shopping list I have made for you. Most of the items motioned in this list are the main props you will need for the spells in this book.

Some of the ingredients mentioned in this book are hard to obtain from the supermarket or health food store. So I have given a list of occult and new age suppliers in the back of this book.

Shopping list:

• Candles (all shapes and sizes, colors etc.)

• Incense (all forms including powder form, sticks etc)

• Charcoal blocks (tweezers so you can light the blocks)

• A sourer or fire proof dish, fill with sand to absorb the heat of the charcoal block.

• Herbs, gums, roots, barks, raisins etc. (see "how to write your own spells" for a chart of different herbs and their properties.)

• Ritual tools (things like an athame, goblet/chalice, book of shadows etc.)

4) Don't go around bragging that you're a witch! It's best not to advertise yourself as a witch because some people in this world think that witches are evil and weird (they have no idea). Only tell your family and friends who can be trusted! Once when I told a friend he made a joke of it! Just be careful what you say to people.

5) This isn't really a tip, but a bit of advice. Try to follow the witch's code as best you can. The best spells are worked when you really concentrate on what you would like. So dare, will, and be silent!

6) It's a good idea to bless the items you will be using in a spell before you work it, as it will ride any negative energies. I like to do the following method on any ingredients I will be using is a spell, charm or ritual before I work it.

Ingredient blesser

You will need: *An obsidian crystal


Hold the obsidian crystal over the items you will be using and chant:

"By the power of sand and sea, bless these items for me, so I will it be."

See a blue light come out of the obsidian stone and into the items. This is a really simple method to do and it can help empower your spell.

7) Some of the spells in this book involve you to crush and mix herbs for certain spells using a mortar and pedicel.

If you don't like the idea of having to hand crush and mix herbs than you can use a coffee grinder. This will crush and mix your herbs, gums, raisins into a fine powder.

8) If you don't have an athame or wand then use a crystal. When I began practicing wicca I had hardly any ritual tools at all, so I used crystals for most of my magic work. I still like to sometimes use a crystal to cast a circle, and other times I like to use my athame or wand.

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