Frequently asked questions

What's wicca?

The word wicca comes from the old English Anglo-Saxon word "wise one". Some people also claim it means "to shape shift"

Wicca is a religion full of positive, healing, and loving energies. There are no set rules of the craft, but most wiccans will follow this simple read "an it harm ye none". This basically means do you want, but make sure you harm none! If harm is done, it shall return by the power of three!

What's a spell?

A spell is made up of many different ingredients. The most important ingredient of all is you and your enchanting power. Most people think a spell is a candle, herbal mixture, and special oil throw in a chant, and, Walla, you have a spell!

That is entirely wrong! Sure spells sometimes have candles, herbs, etc., but a true witch knows that a spell is what comes from within you. For example, it does not mater if you have all the ritual tools of the trade, it's a mater of knowing how to use them with respect and love, full of your passion!

For a spell to work you must take it off to the cosmic forces. You must entirely believe in your inner power and your spells you work or they will never work. Don't forget you may have to work the spell four times before it even makes the slightest difference.

Do I need to join a coven?

This is up to you. Do you feel the need to work with other witches? Have you experienced what its feels like to work solitaire?

I would suggest that you work by yourself first before you join a coven. If you wish to join a coven but live in a remote area then maybe you can join a coven online. (See magic on the net in part five.)

I prefer to work by myself, as I like to do things my way. I also feel that when I'm working by myself I'm getting more power out of my rituals and spells (although when a coven raises energy, it can be very powerful and send a shiver down your spine!)

What is skyclad?

Most witches will work their spells skyclayd (unless they're attending a coven ritual). Skyclayd means naked. No this is not dirty! Witches consider the body to be sacred and enchanting. After all you came into this world naked.

However if you don't feel comfortable working in the nude than you can where a ritual robe. A ritual robe can cost a lot of money so if you like you can wear a garment or some form of clothing that is special to you. It must be washed and kept clean. You can only wear this special piece of clothing when doing a ritual, spell or other magic work.

Do witches invoke the devil?

No! The devil plays no part of the craft. The devil is part of the Christian teachings. To worship the devil we would have to follow the Christian teachings. As I said earlier in this book wicca is a positive and motivating religion!

Where do witches go when they die?

Wiccans believe that we go to the summer lands. We wait there with the god and goddess until we are ready to come back down to mother earth.

The summer lands is said to be full of laughter and play, flowers and nature spirits and fairies.

Who do witches worship?

Wiccans worship many different gods and goddesses. Wiccans believe that the male and female are equal. Wiccans call on special gods and goddesses when casting a circle. Each god and goddesses resemble different things. For example the goddess Aphrodite is the goddesses of love and passion. The god Dionysus is the god of fun and joy; he can bring happiness into your life. Get my drift? (See how to write your own spells in part two)

When can I call myself a witch? Right now if you like!

Stop and think about this for a minute. What has made you read this book? It was you inner witch and magical instincts calling out to you. You have been a witch all along. Only now you have discovered how to use your magical energies and powers wisely.

Some witches will cast a wiccan dedication spell or be initiated into a coven before they call them selves a witch. (There is a wiccan dedication ritual in part four)

A true witch will never read a book like this one or work a spell and go around the place claiming they're a witch and practicing magic.

If you do that, or know someone who does that they're not a witch!

What's a familiar?

A familiar is a witch's pet. Many wiccans believe that animals can give that extra special boost in any spell or ritual. Traditionally a witch's familiars where: bats, frogs, snakes, spiders, black cats, owls etc. Today a witch's familiar will be you ordinary backyard pet to a goldfish!

My familiar is a bird. He likes to sit on my shoulder and chant with me when I am raising power within my circle of white light.

Which witch is which?

You may have heard the term black and white witch. Many people think that there are good and bad witches. I personally believe that there are neither white nor black witches. You see, there is no such thing as pure good in this world nor is there pure bad. So then, which witch is which? The answer is the middle witch with all the different shades of white, gray, brown and black in between.

Why aren't my spells working?

If your spells aren't working then consider the following:

• Are you working the spell correctly?

• Are you missing out on an important ingredient?

• Do you really need what you're asking the universe for?

• Are you attuning to the energies correctly?

• Take all the above into consideration. Maybe your spell isn't working because the universe feels that what you are asking for is not necessary. Have you given the spell enough time to work? A spell won't work over night or in the snap of your fingers! It's not like the movies!

What about the three fold law?

It's a well-known fact that what you dish out to other people the universe will return to you by the power of three, minimum!

The three-fold law is karma. Never hurt anyone through magic because if you do, you will hurt yourself!

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Do witches call up nasty demons, spirits or ghosts? No! It is not like the moves or the TV show "Charmed". We don't have to banish a demand every week either!

What if someone hexes me?

Hexes and curses only work 1% of the time. The other 99% it will either back fire or won't work at all.

If you feel that someone is trying to hex or curse you through magic then try the following method.

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