Sit in a circle around a mirror that is black framed. Place two purple candles either side of the mirror. Did you know that when it is Halloween, the astral realm and this realm is at it's thinnest which makes this night the best time for divination and the use of oujia boards?

All hold hands and raise power around the circle. Let each person ask a question while the rest of you raise power. Once the question has been asked all gaze into the mirror for pictures, symbols etc of the future. Don't strain your eyes let the picture come naturally!

Ouija boards

Before you read this, keep in mind Ouija boards are very powerful and should not be played around with! If you are serious and experienced about this topic you will know that an oujia board is very powerful.

An oujia board consists of the letters of the alphabet, the words yes, know, maybe, and goodbye, and the numbers one to ten.

To make an oujia board, write the letters of the alphabet in a circle around the bored. In the middle of the numbers (which are written in a circle) write the four words which are mentioned above.

Write the numbers one to ten along the bottom of the board. In the top left hand corner draw a crescent moon shape (this represents the goddess) and in the right hand corner draw the sun (this represents the god).

You may like to cast a circle around everyone that is participating in this ritual. Use a shot glass as a magical massage indicator. Once everyone is settled cast a circle (If you have diced to) and take turns in asking questions. Please remember not to play around! I urge you used use the board with caution!

Recipe for magical witchy punch

This recipe is really easy to make and the punch is yummy and very sweet! You may even like to serve the punch in decorated Halloween cups.

To make this punch you will need,

*Lemon juice

*Mix up cordial



*A wooden spoon

*A large punch bowl set Method

Pour some pre-made mix up cordial into the punch bowl. Add some lemon juice, wine, sugar and mix with a wooden spoon in an anti-clockwise direction and chant;

"On this night and In this our, fill this Magical potion with thy power, so mote it be"

Pour the magical punch into cups and serve. These are just some of the many thing you can do to have a fabulous Halloween party. Remember you can be as creative as you like. Let you imagination go Halloween wild!

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