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Most witches I know will do a dedication ritual before they call them selves' witches. Or they will get welcomed into a coven. Below is a dedication ritual you can do before you call yourself-a witch. This ritual is optional but is highly recommended!

Day one You will need: *1 white candle

*Lavender oil (an oil burner witch a tea-light candle) *Sandalwood bath salts *Musk incense

Affirmation for today "I am relaxed and happy With who I am, not What anyone wants me to be"


Today is your day off. In fact you are going to relax all day today! No house work! No cooking! No cleaning! Relax. Begin your day by taking a nice warm bath. Drink some tea or coffee and burn some musk incense. Pour V cup of sandalwood bath salts into your bath water.

Play rainforest music. While you are having your bath think about how you can make your life more stress free and how important your are to the world (especially the craft!).

Once you have had your bath dress in white or purple (do not dress in black!) and by the light of the white candle meditate on today's affirmation. Think about the words and how you may relate to them. Burn the lavender oil in the oil burner. Let the room fill with the soothing fragrant of lavender and have a nap. Burn lots of lavender oil and musk incense and just relax and try to be stress free. In the late afternoon you may like to go for a walk along the beach or through the park.

Day two You will need:

*Air drying clay (try your news agent)

*Craft paints *Glue

*Beads and anything craft decorations such as; sequence, felt, leather thongs etc. Your imagination

Affirmation for today " I have the ability to make anything, the god and goddess love my creations"


Today is the day of imagination and creation. Today you are going to make anything you want.

You may like to make an altar pentacle or statute. Use you imagination and decorate your piece of artwork with crafty bit's n pieces. Bless your creation (see a witches tool box for a blessing ritual). Enjoy the rest of the day shopping and don't forget to be creative.

Day three You will need:

*Your athame *1 purple candle

*A piece of silver, gold and red ribbon *A clear quartz crystal

Affirmation for today "I am one with the universe And it's enchanting energies Which surround it"


In the evening at 6 p.m. have a bath or shower and cast a circle around your altar. Plat the silver, gold and red ribbon into a cord.

Light the purple candle and hold it in the air and chant;

"By this candle and using it's enchanting light I will work towards becoming a true witch from this night"

Using the plated cord tie it around the clear quartz crystal and chant;

"I am wiccan by the power of three, so let it be" Now jab you athame blade into the air and scream; " so mote it be"

Blow out the candle and berry in the earth. Wiccan holly water

Below is my method of making wiccan holly water for blessing any object, and for placing in a goblet on your altar to represent the element water.

You will need: *Seal salt

*Spring or rain water *A goblet or chalice *Your athame


Jab your athame blade into the sea salt and say; "I bless thy sea salt of all negativity so mote it be"

Now jab your athame blade into the water and say;

"I bless thy water of all negativity so mote it be"

Pour the blessed sea salt into the water. Mix the salt around till it has dissolved. Walla you now have wiccan holly water!

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