Binding spell

If some one is gossiping about you or making your life or job tuff then work the following spell.

You will need: *A voodoo doll *A needle and thread *1 black candle *Pepper


Try to get the voodoo doll looking as identical to the person as you possibly can. If then person is gossiping about you than sew up the mouth of the voodoo doll using the thread and needle and chant;

"Your lips are bound you will not talk about me all round, so mote it be"

Light the black candle and pass the voodoo doll through the flame while chanting;

"The heat of this flame, shall ease you mouth to gossip!"

Now sprinkle some pepper over the body of the voodoo doll and berry in the earth until the person stops harassing you. When the person stops harassing you dig up the voodoo doll and dispose in the bin.

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