To protect liberty as expressed in the US Bill of Rights

In the United States, religious freedom is guaranteed under the same portion of the Bill of Rights as freedom of the press. This is a wonderful fact to present to the press when attempting to secure their involvement in any form of discrimination, but particularly in the case of religious discrimination.

The problem with that association is that, often times, the press is in the pockets of the authorities. Gone are the days when every town had at least two competing newspapers trying desperately to scoop each other. Now many towns have one newspaper that takes whatever table scraps the authorities have to offer because they are afraid if they push for more they will be treated poorly. Television and radio aren't much better. Yes, there is competition, but ratings pay the bills and ratings are determined more by breasts, contests, and entertainment than by reporting the actual news.

When it comes to matters of liberty, the U.S. Wiccans have no larger tool than the American Civil Liberties Union. Add to this our political system, and there is virtually no religious discrimination that cannot be arrested in its tracks. The trick is stirring these forces to rally behind our cause. If that cause is true and just, most will join in.

In the case of governmentally sponsored harassment, there is an interesting little feature about the U.S. political system that can be exploited. Many politicians are also members of the American Bar Association. Although it's hard to believe from the conduct among a few of these folks, they are held to a higher level of ethics than most people. The American Bar Association tends to frown on lawyers who speak out against constitutional rights.

This rite is one of the ones about which you will not want to notify the press. This is especially so if your battle winds up in the courtroom. We are going to be calling on Thoth, and although you and I know that he isn't interested in fixing a court case, the press will probably claim that you are trying to use witchcraft against a judge. We are really attempting to cause the patterns of Thoth to appear in ourselves. To that end, we are calling on a keeper of justice and truth. Thus, only use such a rite if you are absolutely sure it is the truth that you want justice to serve. For if it is not, disastrous results may follow. Do write any applicable letters and do incorporate them into the ritual. Call the press to a press meeting and commemorate the mailing of the letters, but mention absolutely nothing which might be taken as a threat on the impartiality of any legal matter.

Stoke your thurbles with Thoth's incense; anoint your bodies with his oil and your altars with his minerals. If you have jewelry that contains opal and particularly fire opal, place it in the center of the ritual and charge it as you charge the letters. In all matters dealing with this situation, wear both the charged jewelry as well as the Thoth oil.

"All be truth Thoth, Thoth All be known Thoth Thoth All be just Thoth Thoth."

As you chant, see a world where it is impossible to lie about either intent or action.

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