To further strengthen the aura

At night, outside, unarmed, and in a place that you do not know, sit alone. Listen to the night. Remember that you are human. As such, you have no natural weapons or camouflage. You can't run fast or jump high and your night vision is poor compared to the critters that are watching you from behind the darkness.

Once you realize that you should be concerned about your safety, but not before, build a small fire. Use dead fall from ash, cedar, and/or oak if you can. There is no reason to harm a tree to heal a human. As you meditate, sprinkle a combination of dragon's blood, frankincense, and lavender onto the coals. Ideally, you will want three ounces of dragon's blood, three ounces of frankincense, and nine ounces of lavender, because it is going to be a very long night. Unfortunately, dragon's blood can be very expensive so purchase what seems reasonable. Make sure you break up the dragon's blood beforehand or purchase it as a powder. If you cannot have an open fire, you can bring a fire container with you, start it with coal, and then toss oak chips onto the coals. During the Summer, oak chips are readily available at most grocery stores. Boil some green tea, chamomile, and/or sage over the fire, and sweeten it with cane sugar.

Bring with you a meal that contains, or was prepared with, any combination of basil, bay, beans, caraway seeds, cinnamon, clove, cumin, dill, hazelnuts, onions, olives, and olive oil. Use enough of the spices that there will be a very distinct odor.

Focus on the resins melting into the coals. See your aura as a ring of fire surrounding you, protecting you from forces that would do you harm.

"Aura strong and aura bright,

Build this wall I need tonight,

Fire burn and fire sing,

From the night protection bring."

Chant until the fire goes out and then sleep under the stars. So mote it be.

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