To dream of a specific person

Your dreams are not limited in space and time, so don't limit your intentional dreaming to either. This technique is most often useful in our dealings with loved ones who have crossed. Place a picture of him or her under your pillow. If you want to focus on positive memories, pick a photograph taken at a positive event. If you want to confront a negative memory, pick a photograph taken at that negative event. If you do not have photographs or if you want to augment the photographs, write a journal of everything you remember about a person in a three-ring binder. Select chapters that you want to explore in your dreams, remove them from the binder, and read them before going to sleep.

To tune the environment to a specific person, diffuse their astrological oil, burn their incense, prepare their favorite meals, and leave a portion out for them to share. Arrange the furniture of your home in the way that they did (or would have). If you have a particular outfit that they were fond of seeing you wear, wear it to bed.

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Navigate The Astral Plane

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