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I n terms of physics, ether is a theoretical medium that conducts electromagnetic radiation. This conductor was once believed to fill all unoccupied space. This theory is a way of describing the principle of absolute motion. It includes the belief that there are physical coordinates in existence that are universally the same from everyone's viewpoint.

In terms of magick, ether is the substance by which all things are created. It is also called spirit and Akasha. The top point of the Wiccan pentagram represents ether because it is said to triumph over the physical elements. In Wiccan ritual, ether is the force that brings Air (masculine) to Earth (feminine), Fire (masculine) to Water (feminine), and Lord to Lady.

The ether is most often described as residing in the place beyond the vails. It is where those who have left this world reside until their reincarnation. It is where Summerland can be found. It is where the Akashic records are kept and it is where divine knowledge comes from. It is the source of miracles and inspiration. It is Mount Olympus. It is where all god forms reside. In some rather stuffy and overly dramatic lore, it has been called the shadow realm. It is the place that demons come from.

We do not need such shadows. Our magick and our demons come from within. According to the etheric theory, all motion is absolute because it passes through a specific amount of ether. Because light maintains a constant speed, light will pass through any specific amount of ether in the same amount of time, regardless of the vantage point to the event. This scientific theory falls apart when you toss in vantage points and their relationship to movement.

If you were able to place a beam of light in between two perfect mirrors and bounce that light back and forth in a vertical direction, it would appear to you to be traveling at the speed of light. That doesn't sound very hard to believe. Light travels at the speed of light.

Now what happens if you get into a moving vehicle with that beam of light bouncing back and forth? From your perspective, the light appears to continue to travel at the speed of light. But from the perspective of someone who is not in that vehicle, the light is not only traveling vertically. The horizontal movement of the vehicle causes the beam of light to appear to be moving diagonally from the vantage point of someone standing still. From the vantage point of the person outside the vehicle, the beam of light is covering more distance by moving diagonally than from the vantage point of the person inside the vehicle, who observes the beam of light to move horizontally.

If you are having trouble with this image, think of a tennis ball bouncing between the roof and floor of your car. Let's consider one bounce of the ball that starts on the floor and then hits the roof. If that ball appears to travel in a straight line from the floor to the roof to anyone inside the car, it will appear to travel diagonally to anyone standing still outside the car. This is because you are traveling with the car. From your vantage point, the ball has just traveled from the floor to the ceiling. From the vantage point of someone who is not traveling with the car, the ball started on the floor where the floor started, and ended on the ceiling where the ceiling ended. As both the floor and the ceiling are moving with the car, the starting bounce was behind you by the time the finishing bounce strikes the ceiling. Thus the ball travels horizontally with the movement of the car and vertically with its bounce.

The scientific theory of ether explains the movement of the tennis ball easily. The diagonal movement was the correct assessment because the tennis ball traveled a very specific distance through the substance of ether. If the person sitting in the car were to measure that quantity of ether that the tennis ball passed through, he would come up with the same measurement as the person observing the event.

The theory would be fine if everything moved with the same laws as the tennis ball, but everything does not move under the same laws. Light has a special little law of its own. Light must travel at the speed of light (unless hindered). It cannot slow down. What this means is that it cannot possibly pass a different amount of space in the same amount of time.

Science muddled around with the dilemma for some time. Then came a man I like to call "Uncle Al." He was probably the greatest magician to ever walk the Earth. Of course, some readers will assume I am speaking of Aleister Crowley. But I am referring to a man who puts Crowley to shame, even though he had trouble lacing his own shoes.

Albert Einstein questioned the scientific law of ether. He knew that natural law says that the speed of light is a constant. It cannot change with movement. Thus, something else had to be changing when light travels a greater distance when observed from a stationary point. Something else does change the perception of those who are observing the event. If the light that is bouncing between those hypothetical mirrors appears to travel twice the distance from a stationary position, then it will appear to take twice as long to travel that distance. The rate at which time passes for the people who are stationary will appear to speed up to the person who is in the vehicle and vice versa.

This theory has been tested by placing precision time keeping pieces in a train and at a stationary post. Time and time again, the two timepieces were compared after lengthy trips and invariably the one that was on the train appeared to slow down during the journey. In the extreme, this means that if you were to travel for one year at approximately the speed of light, anyone who you left behind would experience approximately two years of life. The ratio is established because by doing so, the x and y axis of a diagonally traveling beam of light viewed from a stationary position would be twice as long as the vertical access viewed from within the space ship.

Uncle Al's theory became widely known as the theory of relativity. Recent movies and other fiction have advanced the idea that although natural laws cannot be broken, they can be bent. This concept is not an accurate depiction. Natural law is impermeable. What you can change is your level of understanding of natural law. Uncle Al did not break a natural law when he shattered the theory of ether. He simply demonstrated that ether is not a natural law, but relativity is. It is time for our magickal model of the universe to catch up with the scientific view of a man who died in 1955.

I love every memory that I have of my father. My brother does not share this love and my mother's opinion is somewhere in between. I believe with all my heart that my father was a sincerely good man. My brother believes my father was an abusive drunk. My mother thinks my father was a good man who had a few faults.

Under the theory of ether, it is not possible for all three of us to be correct. But under the theory of relativity, it is not only possible that our differing views are each true, it is impossible for us to have completely same views. Consider one of the other assertions Uncle Al included with his theory of relativity: ".. .events that appear simultaneous to an observer in one system may not appear simultaneous to an observer in another system" (from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition).

The "system" that we use to "observe" history is memory. We do not have to leave our bodies to enter what magicians refer to as the etheric universe, because that universe is within our own mind. There is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. I have a much higher opinion of my father because I entered the etheric universe and changed my history by changing the key memories of my father. Nothing has been repressed and nothing has been altered except where I place my focus. Although my memories differ greatly from those of my brother, neither one of us has a more correct record of my father's life because each record is relative to the individual.

Because the etheric world is really part of this world, we can make changes to that world just as easily as we can make changes to this world. Techniques for doing so have been a part of just about every culture that has sought to better itself.

Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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