To bring on courage and bravery

This is especially useful in easing paranoia and promoting the awareness necessary to determine actual threat levels. It lowers feelings of guilt caused by action, but will increase the feelings of guilt by inaction. If you are not willing to do something about a situation, then your actions ask for that guilt, and neither this oil nor a year with a shrink will help that (see also banishing oil).

When you want to confront a fear, determine exactly when the confrontation will be (best when the moon is full). Each night for two weeks before that day, diffuse courage oil into the air while reciting the chant as long as you can. Then carry the oil with you when it is time for a confrontation; place several drops on the palm of your projective hand. Rub your hands together firmly to distribute the oil and generate heat. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth (do not touch your face). Recite the chant into your hands until you feel ready.

"By my body, by my heart

By my soul, by my mind

By this fear that's really not

But a wasting but my time."

The Art Of Positive Thinking

The Art Of Positive Thinking

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