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If colliding with the Earth is not your idea of an Earth-based religion, the meditative technique is another option. It is also an option if you find yourself too distracted by noise to achieve travel with the background of a drumbeat. I should note that I have had much less success with this technique.

Cast a circle in the normal way except that when you smudge, do so with astral projection incense. When it comes time to invite the Lord and Lady, use a god form that corresponds with the intent of your travel.

Place a few drops of astral travel oil or tincture on each temple. The exact circumstances in which one can achieve astral travel will change from individual to individual. If the presented formula for oil and tincture does not work for you, see Chapter 9 for other associations that might. The same is true of the incense that is used to smudge the circle.

Better yet, have your lover massage your temples lightly with the oil while you attempt to extend yourself outside of your body. Tumbled quartz seems to aid astral travel greatly, especially when tourmalated. If you have access to these, rub them on your temples and then place them on your forehead (if lying down) or crown (if sitting).

Achieving deliberate astral travel is sometimes elusive in a waking state. Allow yourself to drift into slumber during attempts until you can induce travel easily by that method. If you have a willing partner, have her do this until you drift off to sleep (be willing to exchange the favor). You will be absolutely amazed at the dreams you can achieve. Do not speak the chant yourself, but if you are using a partner ask her to repeat the words as you drift off:

"Dream the travel

Dream the flight

Dream the trip

It starts tonight."

After you have become proficient while using the sleep state, practice with the intent to travel during waking moments.

Whichever method you use, be ready for many failures before and after you become successful. Even those few folk who take to astral travel like fish to water will tell you that sometimes they simply cannot achieve the state that is necessary to enter the astral plane. Pay close attention to your activity during the week prior to the attempt. Record what you eat and drink. Look for correlations between seemingly unrelated factors and your success or failure. Simple things such as the protein level in your diet seem to make a very large difference. I was not able to achieve astral projection until I became a very strict vegetarian. With the tremendous variety of activities and diets, there is no way to predict what might inhibit any one person. However, once you become proficient at achieving an astral state with these rituals, it will become easier to achieve the same results without such time-consuming preparations.

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