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There are many techniques for achieving astral travel. I have had my best results with what can be described as the Shamanic method. I call this the Shamanic technique because it incorporates Shamanic customs more than other techniques; thus it is important to note that practicing this rite no more makes one a Shaman than changing a tire makes one a mechanic.

Eliminate the potential of distraction. Go skyclad if you are comfortable with it. Wear loose-fitting clothing if you are not. Never eat directly before attempting astral travel or put off eating prior to your efforts. Ideally, you will be neither hungry nor bloated.

Although sensory depravation is a common prerequisite for astral travel, entering the altered state in which travel is achieved can be assisted by our senses. The steady beat of a drum (use a CD if it is really necessary), chant, or rattle is often used in the Shamanic technique. Having a partner is just about mandated for this technique. A small group of trusted friends is much better. In tribal culture, the information that was retrieved from such travels was used to benefit the entire tribe. It is very possible that you will acquire knowledge that will help the friends who assist you, so don't feel that asking for their assistance is selfish.

Although you may well achieve a completely different goal, each journey should have a specific intent. With that intent in mind, choose a god form to guide you. Chapter 9 contains a brief list of god forms to help you decide. Anoint your body with his oils, eat his favored foods, burn his incense, and explore his lore. Get to know your guide in every way you can prior to your journey.

Cast your circle as you would normally. For smudging, burn a mixture of lavender and sage. If you can, work with the energy flow of your chakras to strengthen your aura. When it is time to invite the Lord and Lady, call on the god form that you have chosen as your guide. If you are working with a group in which others will attempt the process, let the invitation be spoken in a generic fashion but speak his name internally. Although it is your mind that you are entering, the visualization of your aura will be what you take with you as what is called the astral body. Begin the drumming or other sources of rhythmic noise, and start your favorite chant.

In a clockwise direction, move about the ritual area in a circle. Move with the beat of the drum in the manner of your heart. The drummers and chanters should understand that the beat should increase slowly as you circle. The goal is for the beat to reach frenzy right about the time of your exhaustion. After at least three trips around the circle, you will find your state of mind changing. Some of this is due to the toxins that build in your blood; it is normal with any physical activity. At the point where you feel you just cannot continue, you will have hit what is commonly called the runner's wall.

See that wall as the ground in the center of your circle. With the last portions of energy, fall to that wall. As you do, see the momentum of your dance travel with you towards the Earth. See your guide riding that momentum with you. At the moment of impact, feel your aura (astral body) punch a hole through that wall at its strongest point (the head) bringing with the full momentum of your dance and all that it has swept up (yourself and your guide). Feel your mind open as if it were a tunnel into which the momentum of your dance has forced your guide and yourself to spiral into. At this point the drumming should slow and soften to the rate of a heart at rest.

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