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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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/ Vction video games are addictive because they appease cravings for the conquest that the male principle of our soul revels in. When we question the nature of that world, we recognize that it contains the potential of the greatest conquest a man could claim. That is the conquest over those things that are just plain wrong. Although you have the mandate of determining your own ethics, thou art god! As such, your seemingly personal ethics are a very clear manifestation of the Creator's will. Those things that oppose that will are often called the outsiders. They might better be called demons.

Call them demons, outsiders, negative energy, or crimes against humanity; these are the things that we simply do not want in our world. Even when the demons seem fairly small, greater demons continue their onslaught based on the toils of the lesser demons. In the grand scope of things, the conquest over your monthly bills may seem like a battle against fairly small demons. But without the ability to pay your own bills, you cannot move on to combat the giants that cause entire countries to starve.

The three chapters of this section divide intended change into three categories and address each in its own chapter. Chapter 4 discusses the Internal World. This is the place in which we reside. It is everything within our immediate world. It is where we are most comfortable, and it is typically where we require the most change. Here we have the things that we cannot walk away from when we go home because they enter into our home. This is where we encounter our own demons. Some of these demons need to be tamed and some need to be destroyed. Fortunately, most of these demons are fairly small. Unfortunately, they are sometimes hard to find.

Chapter 5 discusses the External World. This is everything outside of your immediate existence. Here the demons are considerably larger. You might think their size would make them easier to locate, but they manage to find some really great hiding places. The worst of all are political parties and huge corporations. Sometimes, entire armies of men have been raised to protect their layers. This makes them much harder to defeat. Some of the wars against these demons have been fought since a time before you or I were born. Fortunately, these are wars that you do not have to fight on your own. In like fashion, the battles have already established victories in which you can revel. This is where the battle against the enslavement of African Americans was won. This is where the suffrage of women was won. This is also the place where the battle against racism wages on with the battle against sexism.

Chapter 6 enters the world of the ether and proposes etheric change. This is where things get tricky. The demons you thought were long since dead return for a final confrontation because you have kept them alive in your thoughts. This is were we confront the molestation and attacks of our childhood. Here is where we transverse time to heal the past and enter your lover's dreams without inhibition or false walls.

With all these demons, it is fortunate that we have structures in which to seek refuge and familiar ground on which to fight. That structure is our religion, whose temples are built on the sacred grounds of our rites. In Section III, you will find recipes and correspondences that will help you transform typical Wiccan rituals into mediums for spellcraft. Please note that due to the diversity of Wiccan customs, the exact format of any Wiccan rite will vary in order and included action from Wiccan to Wiccan and organization to organization. This is intended only as a very brief overview.

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