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l f you attempt to cause external change, you will quickly learn that some will oppose your intent. Sometimes the opposition will take the form of physical violence. One of the greatest Witches of all times had some interesting things to say of this matter. He instructed that when you are struck on your cheek, you should turn and offer the other. Christ was not instructing you to take abuse; he was instructing you to fight back intellectually. At the time, a Roman could slap a slave with the backside of his hand. To slap him with the inside of the palm was to acknowledge the slave as an equal. There was no crime in slapping a slave, but there was in slapping an equal. Because the left hand was never used for anything more elevated than wiping one's posterior, this forced the Roman to either stop the assault, or treat the victim as an equal. Likewise, the instruction to carry a soldier's pack beyond what was expected was intended to shame the soldier. In either case, when we examine the words of our brother Christ from a Gnostic eye, we recognize the greatness His story reveals.

If you don't like hearing about Christ in a book on Wicca, you had better not go on to your next step in spiritual evolution. The latest guesswork is that there is about one half million Wiccans in the United States alone. Sound like a large number? If they are telling us the truth, there are about six billion people in this world that are not Wiccan. There is tremendous strength in numbers. If we want to achieve external change, we must recognize that strength and get over our childish prejudices.

I am amazed and baffled at how many Wiccans try to cast spells completely uninhibited by the laws of physics and the other natural laws that science has uncovered. Setting aside the very obvious magickal guideline that there is strength in numbers, there are still thousands upon thousands of obvious guidelines that are also ignored. Throwing a snowball at a tank just doesn't produce dramatic results. If you want to get rid of that tank, try climbing the mountain next to it and rolling a snowball towards the tank. Remember that one war cry is all it takes to cause an avalanche.

You can cause tremendous external change with this same principle. Of course, you do not have to bellow that war cry. You can continue to dwell in the pagan community and absorb all of the free love and goddess healing that you desire. If that's your choice, you will probably agree with Janis Joplin: "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose."

I say freedom has no value without the liberty to use it. Without liberty, you are still a slave. Dwell in the house of freedom without waging the constant war for liberty if that is your intent, but don't think you are anything more than a slave in a fancy cage. And above all, remember that you do so at the suffering of those who are willing to fight at the battle lines of liberty.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." That quote is commonly attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but it is more likely that the exact wording was first spoken by Wendell Phillips before the Massachusetts Antislavery Society in 1852. When you consider the real origin of the quote, know that there is only one God and that God has been seen by many eyes in many ways and has been given many names.

"The condition upon which God has given liberty to man is eternal vigilance." —John Philpot Curran: Speech upon the Right of Election, July 10, 1710

Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew, our God is the same; Lord of Lords, God of Gods!

You do not have to live in the wonderful country in which I find myself, but it does make it easier to point out how lazy we have become. The students in Tiananmen Square, China, stood for liberty. In a country with a totalitarian government, it was easy to put down the uprising with machine-gun fire. But in the United States, and other places where freedom has been won, many of us are willing to sit back with our Janis Joplin records, content in the illusion that we are free.

Janis Joplin may have sung "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose," but such advice is best taken only by those who are too stoned to realize they can manifest change. When you are truly free, there is always something left to lose.

"Gay, straight, black, white

Same struggle, same fight!"

A popular protest chant whose origins I cannot trace:

"Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew

Just one world for me and you!"

My addition to the chant. Read them together:

"Gay, straight, black, white

Same struggle, same fight

Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew

Just one world for me and you!"

Can your voice be heard? Can you make a difference? Did you ever think you would read someone's quotes about the Christian god in a book on Wiccan spellcraft? Did you ever read such dedication to events that took place in a nonreligious communist country in a religious book written in a democratic country? Yes, you can still listen to your Janis Joplin records. I love her music myself. But don't forget that anything earned feels tremendously better than anything given.

"Deosil go by the waxing moon, singing out ye Witches' Rune"

—from the poem of the Wiccan Rede

Deosil means clockwise. It isn't just the direction in which we cast our circles, it is one of the two directions we can turn the knobs on a stereo system. Sometimes we turn it counterclockwise for introspect and the volume goes down. When we are trying to cause external change, it is time to turn it clockwise. So let's fire up the Mars incense, turn up the volume, and get this thing in gear.

We are winning the war in which the Church state insisted that men have dominion over animals; the Wiccan ethic that animals have soul is spreading. When Christians call on their bible to justify cock fighting, judges are throwing them into jail. It doesn't matter if the judge, the court, or even the people who voted for the law do not call themselves Wiccan; it is our ethic that is winning. Call it Wicca or call it purple bubble gum, it does not matter if we win!

In order to cause external change, you must first identify what it is that you want to change. There is a magickal teaching that says when you know a thing's true name, then you have power over it. If that true name is its description, that magickal teaching is correct. This is the process of determining its strengths and weaknesses.

Chances are, if you feel there is a need to cause external change, someone else has felt the same way and has formed an organization for that purpose. There is strength in numbers. Your contacts do not need to call themselves Wiccan or even pagan. You will know their hearts by their actions. If a man's heart is pagan, the declaration need not be spoken for his deeds to talk.

Contact those organizations and follow their instructions, as well as contacting every form of the press that you can imagine, including television, radio, and print. Find the time and place to hold a grand circle and use the curiosity of the press to get your message out.

Ideally, each spell will be cast at, or as close as possible, to what you seek to protect. If there is any question as to the legality of your assembly, get all necessary permissions and paperwork. Always contact the local law enforcement agencies by certified letter containing contact information, as well as information concerning the location, nature, and time of the rite. Keep a copy of the letter and staple the proof of delivery to it. They should be able to judge what type of protection you will need because that is their job.

Post Quarter guards in each of the directions. Arm those Quarter guards with copies of all paperwork necessary to prove that not only do you have the legal right to conduct the rite at that site, but that notification was sent to the authorities prior to the rite. Include also a list of every organization you have contacted about the situation you wish to change, and include that contact information in the bundle of paperwork. Arm the Quarter guards with those papers and nothing else except the oils and incenses of the elements with which their Quarters are associated. Before the rite begins, the Host and Hostess of the event should give everyone a copy of all paperwork along with contact information. This includes everyone participating or watching the rite, as well as all members of the press that might show up.

When those Quarters are called, the Quarter guards are to face the direction of the Quarter, invite the corresponding elements using words that are applicable to the specific rite, and then end with "So mote it be." Everyone in the circle should then repeat "so mote it be." The Quarter guards do not turn to face the rite. Their job is to protect the rite, not watch it. If anyone attempts to disrupt the rite, the Quarter guard has the responsibility of using the weapons he has been given, and nothing more, to stave off the attack.

Have every member of the circle come with a typed letter about whatever it is that you seek to change, but tell them not to sign it. During the rite, preferably with drumming in the background, have each come forward and sign the letters. Have them sign each letter with a normal fountain pen so that they will look normal, but replace the ink with dragon's blood ink. Have them also address their envelopes in their own hand with the same pen. Keep extra envelopes on hand for mistakes. Seal the envelopes and set them in a basket for charging. Mail them as soon as you can after the rite.

When you interview with the press, be ready to explain exactly why the rite was performed and provide the names and phone numbers of those you have contacted ready. Refuse to be interviewed without the promise that your interviewer will show the phone numbers for the national organizations that you contacted. Get that promise in writing. If they fail to follow their promise, demand that they place your complaint in their public file, and contact the Federal Communication Commission (in the case of radio and television) to insure that it was indeed placed there.

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