Strengthening the aura as a daily practice

See your aura extend half the normal conversational distance for your culture. In the United States, this is the point that is just slightly out of range of a thrown fist. I found the distance to be much shorter while in Europe. Be aware of this boundary and make others aware of that boundary. This is the sacred space in which your body resides. If someone enters that space without invitation, don't try to explain the aura or your personal sacred space, just tell her you are uncomfortable with her gesture.

Because like attracts like, there is no better way to strengthen the boundaries of your personal sacred space than by respecting the personal sacred space of others. If you wish to enter another person's sacred space, obtain permission first. Ideally, this permission will take the form of spoken words. However, clearly understood gestures can be just as effective if everyone is honest in his intent. You should not hug someone without their permission; however, you do not have to verbally ask them for permission. Instead, you can hold out your arms in a gesture and they can choose to either refuse the gesture or walk into your arms and return it.

If you feel utterly uncomfortable rejecting an offered hug, then take the person's hands and thank him for the affection offered. If even this seems too close, cross those hands as you take them. This gives the illusion of closeness while making it clear that you have limits.

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Accomplishing Your True Calling

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